Tuesday 6 December 2011

James "Sinister Minister" Mitchell Interview - By Sean Walford & Kyle Patin

During this past week's edition of my own pro-wrestling radio show, Aftershock Pro-Wrestling Radio, former TNA, WCW & ECW veteran James Mitchell joined myself & co-host Kyle Patin. Mitchell was an absolute pleasure to talk to, and I thoroughly encourage you to check out the interview (See Below) as he talks a number of different subjects. That have all made headlines in the dirt-sheet's this past week!

Here's a teaser of some of the things Mitchell says in the interview;

On why he left TNA:
"After the stuff that went down with Judas Mesias, I believe he had a dispute over working days and he went back to Mexico. They told me at the moment your on hiatus until we find you someone to work with, and at that point I had just signed a three-year deal.

"That went on for a while and when I went to them and said excuse me guys but you realize my contract is rolling over and I have a lot of unused dates that you owe me money for, I'd be willing to come backstage and produce promo's for the guys etc, anything to be worth my money, cause your going to have to give me a balloon payment for the rest of this year. I think they took me off TV in March of 2008 and so this was in July or so, I was told due to infamous loop-holes they have in wrestling contracts that I'd be paid for the balance of that year but they where not going to honor, the extra two years or whatever it was based upon the conditions of the contract."

On the current state of managing and whether he would ever return as a manager:
"Ok, well first thing that has happened was before I went to WCW was they started bringing in the girls, hey more power to the girls but I have seen very few of them that can cut a promo. They make great models or whatever, but most of them are not, with exceptions, unable to tell a story. So that got in the way but there was still managers. To me the big shifting point was when Eric Bischoff put himself on TV and started becoming basically the mouthpiece for the NWO. Then Vince McMahon immediately did the same thing.

"Somewhere, once during the Monday night wars the two became mouthpiece's for there company and that seemed to coincide with both of them saying we don't want managers any more. Was this a contentious decision? Probably not but things happened and they both sort of filled the role of managers, and the other thing was that well everybody knows wrestling's a work now so nobody really believes that you manage these people. Ok fair enough. Oh you know what everybody knows wrestling's fake so nobody believes these two guys in-ring really hate each other and that they are fighting over a real championship. There's a level of suspension of disbelief that if you buy into wrestling then it all works. When wrestling goes to hell that's where it all goes to stupid stuff.

"So there's no reason in my opinion that nobody would believe that somebody had a manager. Because a manager serves a very important role, there are plenty of people like the majority of people that I have managed over the years that are great performers. Can't talk or there talking doesn't reach the level of there incredible in-ring talent, and that's a managers role. But you know I'm not going to force myself on a industry that may have no place for me."

You can check out the interview here!

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