Tuesday, 28 September 2010

WWE RAW (27/9/10) Review by N£O

Well Indianapolis started promisingly but soon became a complete waste of two hours of prime-time TV.
The Miz and Alex Riley defeated United States new champion Daniel Brian and John Morrison but although there was some good spots in this match, I fail to see the importance...... Clearly WWE management are just keeping The Miz busy because at the moment they are hardly mentioning the MITB briefcase which is strange considering Cole couldn't stop chatting about it, nearly 2 weeks ago.
I do not believe this has damaged Daniel Bryan at all at the moment because he is getting so much heat or pops as a Babyface I think what ever happens the Miz has to get over because he still has to be on a roll for when he cashes in.
The John cena vs Edge match was reasonably enjoyable as I am enjoying this new resurgence in John Cena's technical ability although lots of you will probably disagree with that last sentence.
Again, I am slightly confused about the storyline they are pushing with the Hart Dynasty, what purpose does it serve to have David Hart-Smith arguing with Tyson Kidd after they lost to Drew McIntyre and ''Dashing'' Cody Rhodes, it seems to me they don't really know what they want do with the tag-team division and therefore they are just throwing storylines left, right and centre in the hope that one of them will hit the mark, because I do not see any advantage at all, for the Hart Dynasty to have an internal feud and please, please tell me they are not putting Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith into a match with each other because no one will care.......
Moving on to the whole point of this night's RAW, WWE champion Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho. It ended in a no contest, the reason for this? Well in this writer's opinion, it wasn't so much to put Orton over, but to give Jericho an excuse to take some time off for the tour with Fozzy and for his well-publicised break that he has been talking about taking for over six months now.
Orton's punt has been away for sports entertainment performers to take time off for quite some time now and usually the punt always gets missed blocked or countered but in this case it connected quite well and I'm sure it was probably Y2J that said, make it look convincing because the guy will take something for the company even if it means a bit of a head injury.
In conclusion, I do feel there is more to the Chris Jericho story to be heard before he goes away but following and seeing him being carried out on a stretcher after RAW went off air, I am led to believe we will not see the Iyatollah of Rock'n'Rolla again any time soon. This concludes my short R....AW review. A very poor RAW, a very. very poor RAW but a good couple of points to talk about. Apart from that it was two hours of my life wasted and this is coming from someone who loves RAW!!!!!

N£O - TUES 28 SEP 2010


  1. Agree that it wasn't a good show, did nothing to promote the PPV at all. Also thought that it made Daniel Bryan look like a complete idiot when he started attacking Morrison moments after he had been saved by Morrison from a 2 on 1 attack. Not sure what they were trying to accomplish apart from getting Morrison on the PPV but it made no sense at all.

  2. Definately Stu, thatz exactly what I was thinking......completely pointless in the GRAND scheme of things.... N£O