Sunday, 5 September 2010

Random Ramblings By Stuart Rodgers

A while ago I wrote a little piece about pro wrestling internet radio shows and at the end of the article I ranted on the Ministry of Slam show and boy, how things have moved on. I carried on listening to the show, hoping I would get surprised one week but I didn't, the show was as dire as ever. They still only cover WWE and TNA as it's 'mainstream' and it's 'what the listeners want'. I got into shall we say, a debate with one of the 2,000 hosts (sorry, there is just a mere 5 hosts) Andy Evans (pictured). This kicked off because on their shows facebook page they announced they would be having ROH owner Cary Silkin on as a guest and I just found this laughable as they don't cover the product, they don't know the product and they were just having Cary on because ROH are having internet PPV on September 11th I will talk about this interview further on in the article. I again explained my opinions on the show and all I got was all I do is be negative towards the show, well f**k me, what do they expect? I'm sorry, if there is nothing positive in MY opinion what should I do? Am I supposed to be a MOS 'fanboy' and say everything is great when it just isn't?
My debate with Andy ended with me saying I wouldn't listen to the show again because I can't see the light through the trees. Anyway, on Sunday night I was on my facebook page and I got an instant message off a friend who still listens to the show and they told me how Lee Tyers made himself look silly, which isn't hard by asking Cary what sort of relationship he has with WWE as when Bryan Danielson was 'fired' by WWE he worked the indies and ROH. Cary just replied by saying "zero relationship because Danielson didn't work for us at that time" when I was told this I thought this was hilarious, I got onto facebook and saw Evans online and just said "great research" he replied "I thought you wasn't going to listen" so I explained I was given the message, following this he did his usual and moaned as I was being negative. Evans said something else, which I forget now but I know it led to me telling him that I do know my stuff as far as wrestling goes, the two promotions they cover aswell as the indies, puro (had to explain to him that was Japanese wrestling) and of course ROH. He came back with some comment spitting his dummy out so I just said "oh, you must of mis-read Wikipedia" (relating to Tyers' comment about Danielson in ROH) something they were accused of doing (getting their info off Wikipedia) many moons ago on an iTunes review of their show and following that he just put "bye bye" - CLASS!! Following this Evans deleted me as a 'friend' on facebook.
This people is not the way to run a pro wrestling radio show, take the good with the bad, if for any reason you get negative comments, don't throw your toys out the pram, try and embrace what is being said and try and change.

Once again, for a great wrestling radio show check out the Still Real To Us podcast which can be found under the Real Guy Radio tab, it is recorded every Thursday and available for download on a Friday. Another great show, THE number 1 in the UK is Drop Kick Radio just recently they have had great interviews with Jim Cornette (August 21st show) and Charlie Hass (September 2nd show) and more to come. DKR realise, even though WWE & TNA are the only 'mainstream' products in the UK, the fans out there do follow other products so they should be covered.

Just as I was going to submit this, I got a message saying that the MOS team announced they were going to a Dragon Gate show next weekend - that my friends is priceless!!

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