Thursday 23 September 2010

On this episode of The Still Real to Us Show: ”The Champ” Jeff Peck and Eric Gargiulo kick off this week's show by discussing some BREAKING NEWS regarding an injury to CHRISTIAN and what it means to his current run in the WWE! The guys look back at WWE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS and discuss whether RANDY ORTON being the new WWE CHAMPION has anything to do with RAW's poor rating this week. Finally the guys wrap up this week's show by looking at the status of CHRIS JERICHO with the WWE and how they are SICK & TIRED of MATT HARDY!

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1 comment:

  1. Not a horrible show.
    I gave it a pretty fair listen and while I do agree with alot of their points, the show comes off as very bland and super "smarky'. Which is fine. I know theres a market for that.

    The guys on the show talk and about how integral they are as fans of professional wrestling and do ALOT OF NAME DROPPING in order to convey the importance of what they said or to make themselves feel that way, Im not 100% sure.

    They belong on a professional sports network, I will say that, but professional wrestling has been dead since the 80's. I still scratch my head as to why so many people try and act as if it isnt.

    Anyways, my opinion means complete and utter shit since I run a show thats been compared to monkey rape and so perhaps its simply just not my (pardon my french) cup of tea.

    They come across very clearly though sound wise. I must say as silly as that may be to some people, it really does impress me when 90% of todays wrestling shows are run through that BTR shithole.

    - Mish