Saturday, 9 November 2013

Chris Hero Released By The WWE, Every Cloud.....By Stuart Rodgers @TheIndyCorner

So Chris Hero has been released from the WWE, he never made it to the main roster, he had been in the development territory FCW and then NXT as Kassius Ohno. When he was signed a couple of years back from the independents I was happy for him as he is a man who took his profession seriously, a lot more than most. He traveled the world to hone his skills including an extended stay in England to learn the British way of wrestling. Of course before heading to the WWE he was in ROH with his then tag team partner Claudio Castignoli (working there now as Antonio Cesero) as The Kings of Wrestling, both guys were signed around the same time and many thought they may of gone in as a team which would of been great as the WWE have not had a decent tag team division for many years in my opinion but the choice was made by the WWE to go in a different direction. Eventually Castignoli got the call up to the main roster where he would go on to win the US title, Hero however was left in developmental. There were many stories floating around the internet claiming Hero had been told to 'get into a better shape' and I was led to believe he had done just that but today, with this story coming out many are saying they are not surprised really he was released as he was told to improve his 'look' but didn't and so can't have any grievance with being released.

Moving on, Hero is now once again an independent wrestler and I for one am looking forward to seeing him in various indy groups such as ROH & PWG and hopefully back over here to the UK wrestling for some of our tremendous promotions. I mentioned PWG and word is, Hero has already been booked for their next run of shows, All Star Weekend in December which is going to make an already great looking pair of shows even better. As I tweeted this morning 'what is the WWE's loss is the indies gain' and I fully expect Hero to put the disappointment of being released by the WWE behind him and show why he was signed in the first place by putting on some tremendous matches on the indies

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