Saturday 30 March 2013

Screw Indy Wrestling, We’re Pro’s By Nick Mason

Two well-known ‘INDY’ professionals in the United Kingdom are looking to shun the craze that is, ‘Defend Indy Wrestling’

The two have recently released a promo stating this via YouTube, at least that’s where I saw it.

The talented duo who starred in the video are known as, ‘The Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins and ‘The Show Stealer’ Nathan Cruz.

The Pair begin the promo by getting straight to the point in their own opinion, which was this “The Term Indy is a term used by a bunch of guys to make them sound accepted.”

As the video progressed, the duo shun everything about bad independent wrestlers, shunning such things as bad haircuts, improper gear and wrestlers who lack the capability to go to the gym. The pair also go on to say that Independent wrestlers are ‘Glorified backyard wrestlers’

The Defend Indy Wrestling franchise that has been taking the UK Independent scene by storm was always open to an attack, and these two saw the opportunity and took it like real professionals. Claiming that they are a class above the rest, the pair also have issued a challenge the Defend Indy Wrestling crowd to actually Defend Indy Wrestling.

The new tag team, who have just recently formed to fight against a cause they once believed in, will slot into the UK scene perfectly as a heel team and could allow returns to the lime light which both professionals once had.

The Promo, which cuts on this, is located here: 

I have been lucky to see both wrestlers wrestle on several different shows, mainly Southside, and both performed like real pro’s along with their competitors of course, Mark Haskins vs. Stixx is one of the notable matches/ feuds that should be mentioned in this situation.

Although this promo was attacking the bad about independent wrestling, they also state a fair amount of truth in the comment “In this business you earn your spot.” This is because I do believe that the best don’t get to the top in such short time.

In his latest Media appearance, with Colt Cabanas latest podcast episode, Mark Haskins revealed that he didn’t get on a show for several years after beginning training. That’s how to do it right, which is why he is such a pro and continues to amaze crowds in the UK today.

Will you wear kick pads and throw no kicks? Or will you join the rebel alliance which is, Screw Indy Wrestling, We’re pros?

This post isn’t supposed to be long, but it’s an insight on what we are going to see, an attack on the norm, an attack on the standard, help us DEFEND, INDY WRESTLING!

What will it be?
Treat us as equals.
Nick Mason

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