Tuesday 7 August 2012

WWE The Best Value In Sports Entertainment? By Helen Robinson

Hell NO!

After reading the new sale info for the Wrestlemania 29 package I’m totally appalled to realise that 4 days away for the biggest event of the year would set me back almost £10,000. What? Really? Ridiculous! I have been an avid WWE fan for the past 20 years and have always dreamed of going across the pond for a once in a lifetime trip to watch my heroes wrestling on the grandest stage of them all. However, with the prices growing every year this will indeed remain a dream. It’s always hard for UK fans to gain access to such monumental events, with them all being held in the states it’s a costly trip to take. At least £1,000 for air fare, then add on the cost of tickets, accommodation, merchandise, food and drink etc it turns into one hell of a dear do. With WWE not having any fan Axxess in the UK it makes a trip across the pond seem even more appealing. The question is, why are WWE trying to shut out loyal fans?

Events in the UK aren’t cheap, with a floor seat costing between £50 and £60 now it’s becoming even more difficult to get close to the action. A lower tier seat will still set you back around £40. Inside the venue you are drawn instantly to the stalls selling the merch you can’t usually buy over here. A signed promo of your hero will set you back a further £30 as will a t-shirt or sweatband set. Unless you have unlimited funds, you are going to be disappointed a lot of the time.

I recently bought tickets to watch TNA in January and was amazed at the fact that a seat close to the action only set me back £25. TNA also have UK Fan Interaction events where you can go and get up close and personal with your wrestling idols. This meet and greet session will only set you back a further £25 or so and you will walk out with dozens of pictures and autographs to treasure. Far better value. I wouldn’t plan on going to the US to watch TNA, but that’s partially because I don’t feel the need to. I can get the full experience on my doorstep for a reasonable price. I have been swayed a lot towards TNA lately. They are doing great things recently and it hasn’t gone unnoticed in the wrestling community.

With TNA regularly doing shows in the UK and Indy wrestling events really starting to take off here, WWE need to be careful they don’t end up doing the opposite of making more money and losing it to the overseas fans who just aren’t willing to pay through the nose for it anymore. I was planning on making the trip to Mania in 2014, but will be thinking twice if the prices are so ridiculously high!
Sort it out WWE! You have many loyal fans from around the globe. Don’t take advantage of our love for the sport by extorting money out of us so we can watch what we love!

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