Wednesday 22 August 2012

The Perfect Storm...By Helen Robinson

So another Summer Slam has been and gone. Disappointing in some ways and great in others, like all WWE PPV’s. It all started off so well, Jericho and Ziggler had a great match, my favourite of the night. Jericho always delivers. Fact. He has been a massive part of WWE for so many years and has always done it in style. Not a champion this time around, however, stole the show at Summer Slam, Wrestlemania and many shows in-between. Jericho can still win the big one, and beat Ziggler in style with an entertaining match. After being such a great heel, it was still nice to hear the fans chanting Y2J, a great way to end his current run (before touring with Fozzy).

Daniel Bryan and Kane followed with what was a boring match up for me. Is this the end of Bryan’s push? I was hopeful earlier in the year that we would see Bryan as WWE Champion. After his 18 second defeat at Wrestlemania he needed a new angle, the Punk storyline was genius and they shared some of the best matches I’ve seen for a long while. As good as Kane is, for a technical wrestler like Bryan, he is not his dream opponent. The match was dull. Kane went for the tombstone; Bryan countered and rolled Kane up for the pinfall victory. Bryan legged it and Kane went on his usual rampage back stage breaking stuff... Great...

Miz and Rey Mysterio also did not disappoint. Two good wrestlers, both deserving of a push on their return. I passed comment on how one of them must have been slightly off or injured as there did not seem to be the usual amount of high flying action I expected to see. A good match all the same! Glad to see Miz prevailed, it’s about time he got a decent run. He has returned somewhat more mature, and seems to be moaning a hell of a lot less than previous months. It’s good to see him keeping his cool and getting the upper hand this time round. Mysterio will always be super popular; he didn’t NEED to win that match anywhere near as much as Miz did.
I am so tired of the Sheamus / ADR feud. Another unfair match where someone cheats. Predictable, even for WWE. Sheamus is a great HW Champion; he works his arse off, is always bruised up to hell and takes a massive beating every time he fights. He has got better and better since his win at Wrestlemania and I look forward to seeing his matches. Alberto is also a great wrestler, I have always liked him, but, this desperate neediness of current times has got me pissed. He doesn’t need Ricardo to help him cheat, nor does he need all the underhand tactis we have been seeing on Smackdown. Just when I thought they might just have a fair fight; it all took a turn south. The introduction of a shoe (yawn) and a leg on the ropes left Sheamus victorious, but also left a massive opening for yet more feuds and wars between the two. Sheamus and ADR need some new direction, I’m hoping now that Orton is back that might just happen.

And so, it all goes downhill...

The Tag Team Championship match. I have little interest in the tag team division of late. The Prime Time Players make me cringe and this Little Jimmy gimmick has me vomiting in my mouth. If you look back to some of the awesome tag teams of the past, and some that would be great if given the chance, this match doesn’t even deserve to have been on a PPV!

Punk, Cena and Show was what I expected it to be. Show throwing the others around, some controversy in the middle and a dirty win at the end. I do however think WWE did the right thing in this instance. It was a stupid match from the off set, but I would have been super disappointed if the title would have changed hands in a ridiculously made triple threat match. As per triple threat rules, the Champion does not even have to be involved in the match up to lose the title. Which for the opponent would be a shitty way to win, and a shitty way for the Champion to lose. I expect lots more from Cena and Punk, especially with the Rock angle added for the Royal Rumble. As a Cena fan I hope to see him win the title back, I’d like to see him take it off an ever arrogant Punk, however, to see him take it back from our Part Time Player (Rock) would be equally as satisfying!
The Perfect Storm...

The one I was waiting for... Triple H is one of my all time favourite wrestlers, I love him! I still get goose bumps when his music hits even after all these years. Brock Lesnar is one of the guys I can’t stand. I struggle to respect all his 3 moves, his brute force and blatant idiocy. Going into Summer Slam I can honestly say, I had no idea what the outcome of this match could possibly be. I think we all knew that Lesnar would ‘injure’ Trips and it would be more about the violence than the actual winning of the match. Having included Trips family in arguments on previous occasions, it was little surprise when we saw The King of Kings telling referee Scott Armstrong to ‘bend’ the rules. No count outs, no disqualifications, a fight to the end. And that it was. A brutal ‘fight’ would follow. Again, Lesnar fought more in the MMA style he has been used to in recent years than that of a wrestler. Big stiff blows from both men all the way though. After suffering another ‘broken’ arm Trips lost the match up and some self respect. He apologised to the WWE Universe and refused medical treatment before staggering from the ring. Is this the end of The Game? Hell no! I’m certain a rematch will follow. There was talk of it being his last match, that Lesnar had ended the Cerebral Assassin. But isn’t that what the Cerebral Assassin is all about? Lesnar might have won the battle, but one thing is for sure... The most certainly will not win the war!

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