Sunday 15 July 2012

Are You Ready? By Dani Mitchell

The past month the buzz on Twitter , blogs, and fansites have all been about the same thing. Raw's 1000th episode... and for good reason! It's going to be a Superstar packed event. The real question is though, what are they gonna do with all those superstars under one roof?

If you have been watching raw, which unless you live under a rock, i'm guessing you have.. they have been teasing us with promos and superstars. Mainly, we have watch Heath Slater come out sing his little "one man band" out of key only to be interrupted by past superstars. We have seen Vader, Sycho Sid, Roddy Piper, Doink, and the most recent Bob Backlund. He defeated Doink when his victory was cut short when we all heard the entrance music of Diamond Dallas Page, which he then suffered the diamond cutter....I felt like the words "FATALITY" should have been stamped on the screen. Now I am wondering... whose next?? And is this really gonna pay off in some big way for Slater at 1000??

The 1000 should be pretty amazing. I mean the crowd's reaction to these Former superstars makes you appreciate the fact that Raw has been around so long. It's like they never missed a beat.. and for the most part the former superstars looked really good!

One of the biggest stories for the 1000th episode is this is when Brock Lesner is going to respond to Triple H's challenge for Summerslam. Is this going to be the perfect set up for .. Dun dun dun the DX reunion. We all know they are suppose to reunite.. and well without Vince Mcmahon or John Laurinitis to torment, who better to turn their attitude on then Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. It would be a great feud. The only problem is no matter what they do with DX , we all know Shawn Michaels isn't coming back to wrestle to do a long stay in WWE so whatever they do is going to be limited. Fans have been driving HBK crazy with questions about this, so let me inform you .... No, he has no idea (or atleast he's not telling us) what he's doing there and No he doesn't have a match.

Another BIG question .. Who is going to be the new GM? This is a tough one. In my opinion, I'd love to see Mic Foley be GM... then we could have Cactus Jack be RAW GM and Mankind could be Smackdown GM. How freaking great would that be? Socko making all the decisions? Hmmmmm.. could be pretty entertaining!

With all the amazing things that will be happening, I don't know how many people have thought about the fact that Fan Favorite Randy Orton could be missing out with his suspension. Which Sucks for him since its in St. Louis! Bummer Orton.
We can expect some superstars like the Rock and Shawn Michaels.. I have also heard Undertaker, Bret Hart, and Stone Cold (and others that we are being kept in the dark about!) Im excited to see how they will all play a role in the episode. Anyone else have any thoughts on whose entrance music we will hear and be shocked about?

I'm gonna close with one last thought on the episode... within the last so many years we have lost so many great wrestlers I wonder if they will do some kind of tribute/memorial for all them? It would be pretty monumental considering what a huge event this is...

Well C'mon July 23rd, Im ready to party like it's the 1990's again! Bring on the superstars!

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