Sunday 4 July 2010

Brock Reigns Supreme At UFC 116

After nearly a year out of the octagon, after battling a life threatening illness, Brock Lesnar returned to the UFC to fight UFC intrim heavyweight champion, undefeated in 12 MMA fights, never been outside the first round - Shane Carwin. Everyone thought Carwin would be Lesnar's biggest challenge to date and boy, was that so true. It wasn't long into the fight when Carwin exploded on Lesnar, catching him with a great uppercut, rocking Lesnar and knocking him to the ground. From there it was obvious, Carwin went in for the kill and pounded on Lesnar, Lesnar was cut above his right eye, his face was swollen as Carwin was relentless in laying in the shots on the champion. How the referee didn't stop it I don't know, I have seen fights stopped for less in the past but to an extent, even though Brock was being battered, he was defending himself even if that meant covering up. At one point, Joe Rogan on commentary said "Oh, you can hear these shots" yes but they were shots against Brock's arms and not his head. Brock managed to survive the first round which meant it was un-chartered territory for Carwin. The second round saw Carwin make the first attack but Brock did what Brock did best and took Carwin down, Carwin was visibly shot, inside Carwin's guard, Brock was looking to get out and hit a submission and that is what he did, he popped his leg out moved to the rightside and put Carwin in a arm triangle choke, Carwin looked like he could fight it off but Brock turned his body and that was it, Carwin couldn't escape and tapped.
It was a great performance from Brock and I will say I marked like a bitch. The fans were booing Lesnar before he even came out but that only made him more determined. At ringside was Lesnar's next oppenent, Cain Valesquez who has an 8-0 record. Should be a great fight.

Here's the fight in full, it won't produce a hyperlink so just copy & paste

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