Friday, 30 July 2010

Power Slam Wrestling Magazine: Back on Form By Stu Rodgers

I gave PS a break for a while but just today, I picked up issue 193 and I thought it was a very good read. Many think FS Magazine is the best on the market but for me, its Power Slam.
Issue 193 has two great interviews, first with Paul Heyman who is right at the forefront these days in the pro-wrestling/MMA Circles as he is constantly linked with coming into TNA as the 'booker' and he was at Brock Lesnar's side at UFC 116 when the former WWE champion defeated Shane Carwin in his first match after his life-threatening illness. Heyman is also helping Lesnar write his autobiography. To no surprise, this was a very good interview.
The second interview was with Ireland's own Fergal 'Prince' Devitt who won both the Best of The Super Junior Tournament and the IWGP junior heavyweight title recently which I have on DVD to watch. Again, a good interview for a wrestler who is making a name for himself on the international stage.
Also in the issue is the usual news, in the Japanese news section, it mentions the NJPW Dominion show from June 19th which PS states as 'one of the best cards held anywhere this year' and I have this show on DVD and I must admit, it was an awesome show. There is PPV coverage of WWE's Fatal Four Way and TNA's Victory Road.
The DVD reviews for this issue are 2 releases I already own myself, TNA's Beer Money Inc. & Motor City Machine Guns and WWE's Best of Pay-Per-View Matches 2009-2010.
There of course is Twitter watch, Q&A section, Ground & Pound MMA section with my old friend Mo Chatra, PPV History Part 18 covering WCW Beach Blast & WWF Summer Slam 93. Feature column is The McMahon Quarterly Report and there is the letters section to round off an overall very good issue. Give it a read on my recommendation. Oh and those on Twitter, Power Slam's is

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