Monday 26 July 2010

CZW, Blood, Guts, and Disgusting interviews By Sean Walford

Now if you have ever read any of my old blog posts on a different website (which are shity, old, and grammar along with spelling, is appalling, so you probably haven't and that's a good thing) you would know I slated CZW, now since then it has slightly grown on me, not much but a little, I still think it's way over the top with ear drum bursting, headache creating commentators, some of the gayest names for wrestlers possible, also there is still too much dust from the ridiculous amount of kendo sticks and fluorescent light tubes used, the poor quality cameras can't see a thing. However everyone should be entitled to a little violent, stupid entertainment, once in a while. With the annual Tournament Of Death coming up (every match outside with some sort of death match stipulation, in a king of the ring stlye 1 day tournament) I took it beyond myself to view the very first of the build up for the epic annual PPV, on this week’s CZW Wired T.V./ Internet Show.
(You can view free on

I wasn't expecting much seeing as we are still some amount of time away from the PPV yet, but the opening contest is a replay of a old TOD (TOD = Tournament Of Death in case you haven’t caught on) match which was awesome, the match ended after a finisher was preformed of the top of a truck into a table covered in florescent light tubes. This is what I like to see, not amazing stunts preformed the whole way
through a PPV, but something we don't see very often, keeping you on the edge of your seat. This sort of promo worked really well and would definitely encourage me to buy the stream in June. Another thing that pleased me was, not having to view the utter disgusting interview after the match, where the wrestlers show there cuts, then carry on with the interview whilst being stitched up. We didn't see this only due to the fact that it was being squeezed into a hours show and it was just encouraging us to buy tickets to TOD. Hopefully we get that sort of thing this year, but seeing as it's a live stream and the Nick Cage accident last year, (wiki TOD 2009 for info) it leaves me wondering will CZW take it down a notch? Will the air ambulance have to arrive again this year? Will it be available live for the U.K.? Will we be able to see half the matches you pay for, or will the fluorescent light tubes have other plans as usual?

Only time will tell

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