Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Staff Announcements - By Stu Rodgers

Hi all, you have probably noticed there have been other articles on the blog other than my own. These are from Shaun Nichols who has been a great friend of mine since 1997 and was a massive help to me when I ran my newsletter WLH (Wrestling's Last Hope). Shaun will continue to be a part of the site when he has the time to do articles/DVD reviews. Now, recently, there has been a new writer on the blog, Sean Walford, I gave Sean admin controls aswell so he could post his articles up when he wanted to whereas Shaun Nichols prefers to email his to me to post up myself. Tonight i had to take Sean's admin controls off him due to reasons that don't need to be discussed i just wanted to make this public so Sean knows it's not personal, he knows why I had to do it. Sean may very well continue to be apart of the blog by emailing articles to me. If not, I just want to thank Sean for the bit of stuff he has done so far.

Also, an idea from Sean was to come up with a different name for the blog so it shows up on google searches so I went along with Wrestling's Last Hope as it was the name of the newsletter I once ran as mentioned above.

All the best


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