Wednesday 28 July 2010

DVD Review: TNA Best of 2009 By Steven Wilson

Might seem a bit dated now but I thought this was a decent DVD and worth a review on the blog

2009 will go down in many TNA fan’s eyes as the final year in the pre Hogan/Bischoff era. To many that’s a good thing, and to many that’s a bad thing. In this case it doesn’t matter what side of the fence you fall on, as TNA’s latest DVD release features the best wrestling matches of the 2009 calendar year. Beyond any critcisms of creative that people have had for the TNA product, one thing just about everyone can agree on is the fact that the stars of TNA know how to more often than not deliver a solid wrestling matchup. The Best of 2009 DVD is a prime example of that.

2009 was yet another monster year for Kurt Angle as he is featured in 4 out of the 7 matches on this DVD. As the year began he was leading The Main Event Mafia against TNA’s frontline, and one of the matches this feud led to was a 2 out of 3 falls Tables match between Angle and AJ Styles on Impact in January. This may of been a television match but could of easily been on PPV, action packed from begining to end, and was even stronger at the time due to the heat between the factions. Easily one of the best matches for 2009 and well deserving of being featured on this DVD.

Another classic bout Angle had in January was his No Disqualification grudge match against Jeff Jarrett at the Genesis PPV. This match took place well before the controversy erupted in mid summer where it was revealed that Angle had split with wife Karen Angle in real life, who in turn had begun dating Jeff Jarrett. Looking back on this match and knowing that makes it even more enjoyable, as it’s a match people want to see right now. These two tore the house down in this matchup and easily deserves to be featured on this DVD. Although this isn’t given the nod as Grudge Match of the year it should have been.

Instead the Grudge Match of the year was In February when Angle was feuding with Sting for the TNA world heavyweight championship. One of the matches in this feud was an empty arena match between the two on a edition of Impact. Compared to the previous 2 matches mentioned this match isnt exactly in their league, but is a decent match. Angle ends up taking a pretty big dive in the matchup continuing to show why he is an obsessed wrestling machine who will risk his body despite the fact that he is so often in bad shape.

The final matchup involving Angle is what many considered to be up there for match of the year in 2009, especially in TNA. Im talking about the November Turning Point PPV matchup between Angle and newcomer Desmond Wolfe. This match was a technical masterpiece and is more than deserving to be on this DVD, in fact I was somewhat surprised it wasn’t given the Match of the year nod in the DVD (that was given to the afformentioned AJ/Kurt bout)

TNA’s signature X division is represented on this DVD with their trademark Ultimate X match. The bout took place at Bound for Glory in October and pit Amazing Red vs Homicide vs Suicide vs Daniels vs Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin. Anytime the X division is turned loose it usually ends up being a good match, this is just one of what could have been many examples.

Also from Bound For Glory is the match that was hyped as Sting’s possible retirement match. It likely wont end up being so but this match was a major one in 2009 for TNA. The emotional promo following the match will forever be remembered by TNA fans.

The Knockouts Match of the year award is given to Alissa Flash vs Sarita. I must admit when i first looked at the DVD lineup, I found it odd that they would include this matchup. The matchup is a very good outing for both girls from an episode of Impact in mid July, but while It is a good match, it’s perhaps perhaps not Knockouts matchup of the year.

The Main Event of this DVD is the 3 way battle between AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels. This was a rematch of an 2005 PPV main event, a match which is my all time favorite TNA matchup hands down. I was somewhat worried going into this matchup as I didnt think they could live up to the hype and expectations people had for the match, myself included. In the end they may not of surpassed it, but they came very close to doing so, and is worthy of the nod as Top TNA PPV match of 2009.

DVD Extras included are the Madison Square Garden Press Conference that shocked the wrestling world when Hulk Hogan announced he was joining TNA. Also the interview from Impact with Dixie Carter adressing the changes and a TNA music video are included.

TNA put out a Best of the year DVD back in 2007 but didnt follow up in 2008, Im glad they decided to revive the release for 2009. The DVD is highly recommended as you can acquire a good collection of matches with a single purchase, it includes matches from television that would not of been included on other DVD releases, and is also a good way to introduce the action of TNA to some of the new fans who are getting into the product thanks to Hogan & Bischoff.

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