Sunday 27 June 2010

ECW To Reform Again...This time in TNA? By Stuart Rodgers

So there has been a lot of talk about Paul Heyman coming into TNA and now, TNA are doing what WWE did and creating an ECW faction in their company. WWE for me failed with the infamous Invasion angle in 2001 which involved former ECW and WCW workers and of course, more recently, WWE 'brought ECW back' full time but it was awful. They did the One Night Stand PPV in 2005 and that was the highlight as far as WWE and ECW go.
Paul Heyman in TNA would be a great shot in the arm for the company because Heyman has a great creative mind but there are so many things that are in TNA that will stop Heyman going there, namely Hogan, Bischoff & Russo. Hogan's contract runs until November and I'd be VERY surprised if TNA renewed his contract because it hasn't been a great success since Hogan went to TNA. Maybe if Hogan doesn't re-sign, Bischoff might go and then Heyman could very well come in.

Heyman's name is being banded about for WWE too. They are to announce a new GM soon and Heyman's name has been mentioned for this role. For me this would be awesome. I can't see it happening myself though, PG TV product doesn't sit well with Heyman.

Please post thoughts/comments.

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  1. Sent to me by Shaun Nichols:The idea that Paul Heyman is going to go to TNA is virtually impossible to imagine. The level of independence that Heyman would demand should he even be open to the idea of coming to TNA would be enough to stop Dixie thinking about taking it further than a polite enquiry. Heyman would want more say/power in TNA than Hogan & Bischoff have had so far. He would also I imagine be required to be the face of the company in a similar way to Dana White in UFC if he got the level of control that he would need, again I can't see Heyman wanting to play that role. The resurrection of ECW in TNA also as disaster written all over it. You can't repeat history and expect it to be successful, you have to learn from it. As it stands if they run an ECW angle they would use Raven, Dreamer, Richards, Dudleys and who else? To be honest none of these wrestlers are very relevant in 2010 and if they are pushed as main eventers in TNA it would be another nail in the coffin for the promotion.