Wednesday 2 June 2010

NXT Season 1 Over, time to look forward to Season 2

Well, season 1 of NXT is over, the UK's own Wade Barrett won but Daniel Bryan still for me, was the star of the show. Season 1 wasn't what I thought it was going to be' it was pretty much a let down. To mess with the 'internet fans' they had Daniel go on a terrible losing streak and then get into an angle with Michael Cole before being eliminated so I have no problems with Barrett winning season 1. Season 2 starts straight away and Kaval (the former Low-Ki) is in this season but once again, WWE are messing with the 'net fans' by having Kaval's mentors being.........Lay-Cool!!

Of course, I'll give this season a chance but I don't think I'll be impressed, we shall see.


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