Thursday 19 January 2012

Ryder or Revolting By Captain Obvious

So, we have come to that point in every wrestlers career where it is clear something has to change. Zack Ryder has come to that point. he has risen from obscure mid-card wrestler to internet sensation to US Champion to being John Cena's sidekick in the WWE's version of Bro-Back Mountain. Zach has quickly become the laughing stock of the business with the WWE's creative team's direction for him. He is at a turning point where he needs to change or quickly become the newest incarnation of Santino Marella.

Now don't get me wrong here, I am a fan of Santino and have said for years he is an under appreciated talent. With that being said, he is too far into this comical character to ever be taken seriously by WWE fans. Zack is in line with this storyline to be completely buried. In Creative doesn't give a good pay off to the fans, Zack's push will be over before it even really started.

What can they do to rectify this? One option is to have Cena turn heel on Ryder and brutally assault him. By doing this, it erases most memories of how much Cena has pushed to get Ryder over. Can you think of any top level star who has repeatedly tried to get some one over with the fans as much has Cena has done for Ryder. How many times has Cena tried to get people to follow Ryder on Twitter, either on his own Twitter account or even on live television broadcasts. I don't recall Austin trying to get people to go buy Val Venis merchandise back in the 90's. I prefer option two which is my Black Scorpion option.

Fast forward a few days to the Royal Rumble. Ryder has lost his rematch to Jack Swaggar due to his injuries sustained from the attack by Kane. Cena defeats The Big Red Monster Kane by "hulking Up" and hitting the Five Moves of Doom for the win. After the match, a mysterious person attacks Cena from behind with a pipe laying him out and puts Cena's Rumble appearance into doubt. Then as the Rumble progresses, we have Kane, Cena and Ryder all in the ring at one time. Kane has Cena in trouble against the ropes and Ryder rushes over to help him. In doing so, his youthful exuberance causes both Kane and Cena to go over the top rope and crash to the floor below. Ryder looks severely shaken at what he has caused and gets eliminated also in the process. We see Zack talking to John as they head up the ramp as Zach professes his sorrowfulness for what happened in the ring, costing Cena another shot at the WWE Championship.

Over the next few weeks we see Ryder constantly trying to help Cena, only to have Cena be short and rebuff him. Even Eve comes to Zach's defense and tells John how much Zach appreciates and even idolizes Cena. Cena keeps pushing Zach to the background as he focuses on his Wrestlemania match with The Rock and has to fend off the challenge of Swaggar and Dolph Ziggler as they have been a thorn in his side since Wrestlemania. Two weeks before Wrestlemania, we see Cena once again attacked by the mysterious man in black during a handicap match between Cena and Jack-Dolph. The mysterious man in black runs off as The Rock's music hits and he comes to save Cena from the attack. This leads to Rock-Cena vs Jack-Dolph as the main event the week before Wrestlemania.

At Wrestlemania, Cena and Ryder have a heart felt talk as both men express their respect and admiration for each other. Cena asks Ryder to keep an eye out for the man in black and to make sure Jack-Dolph doesn't interfere in what should be a classic match. The match comes off as a 30 minute match and shows just how good both men still are with Cena emerging victorious and Rock passes the torch and even puts over Cena after the match.

The night after Wrestlemania gives us a Cena-Ryder vs. Jack-Dolph tag match. Cena gets the pin after Ryder hits his finisher on Swaggar, tags Cena, and Cena locks on the STF. As the duo celebrates, Kane attacks both men and puts Cena through the announce table. Ryder escapes as we see the man in black on the screen laughing and telling Cena that he has been behind the Kane-Jack-Dolph attacks on Cena as a way of showing how in control of his hate he is and how out of touch Cena is with his. Cena has had this coming for many years for always showing up everyone in the WWE and never letting anyone else rise to his level.

For the next few weeks Cena battles the triumvirate of Jack-Dolph-Kane in various matches. The man in black makes random appearnaces but no more attacks. Ryder is selling the injuries from this attack on Kane and tries to help Cena when possible. Eve asks Ryder is it worth it to keep sacrifcing his own career to help Cena and Ryder says yes. That Cena was there for him when he needed help and come hell or high water, he will be there for him.

Finally, at Extreme Rules it all comes to a head. Cena defeats Ziggler in an extreme rules match after hitting the Attitude Adjustment onto a table and the giving Kane the Attitude Adjustment onto Ziggler. The man in black comes out with a chair to Cena's back and takes him out and then grabs the mic as he stands over Cena's body. He grabs the mic and takes off the mask to reveal it was Ryder. Ryder then tells Cena, " I hate you John. For years I have been a follower in this company and look where it has gotten me. Stupid headbands, corny glasses, and the same amount of respect as if I was The Red Rooster. I'm sick of the treatment and I am sick of how this company bows down to your every desire and forces the rest of us to just take it. It's time we take this company away from you John and show the WWE Universe just how truley great we can be without you holding us down. Rise above hate, John? We just need to rise above you. Welcome to the Ryder Revolution,John.

By turning Ryder heel against Cena, the WWE can keep their cash cow working and give him a new challenge to face. It also allows Ryder to cement his spot in the WWE as a serious competitor by dropping the Jersey Shore gimmick and allow his athleticism and his natural charisma and mic skills to come through. This can lead to a nice 4 or 5 month heel run until the rest of his outfit turns on him and he has to go at it alone. He can once again become the underdog without the cheesey gimmick and become a top level face in the company. But this is just my fantasy booking and weather or not is happens this way, we will have to wait and see. I hope they don't wind up burying Zack because the guy has the ability to be a top draw.

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