Wednesday 25 January 2012

"If I could be serious for a minute..." by KiD

Professional Wrestling has always been a predominantly Caucasian athlete's sport. That may be a bit blunt, but it's true. It's been a lot of Black Professional Wrestlers throughout history, but how many have actually succeeded? An okay amount, but not enough.

I'll start by showing what the usual Black Wrestler is given to work with. Followed by the few who broke the status quo, and were able to blaze trails and put a positive light on our race in this amazing sport.

There's Happy Dancing Black, Angry Black, Rapper Black, Gangster Black, Ignorant Black, Conspiracy Theorist Black, and All Around Stereotypical Black: (early) Kofi Kingston. (early) Viscera. R-Truth. MVP. Marcus Cor Von. (early/2002) D-Lo Brown. Ernest "The Cat" Miller. The Godfather. JTG/Shad Cryme Tyme. Mark Henry. Virgil. New Jack. Saba Simba.

In no way am I discrediting these guys. I'm well aware most of them are some of the most talented wrestlers of all time, and were never given a major title run to show for it. While some of them are/got over and took themselves a step forward, they took the rest of us back 2 steps. The only name that actually made it to World Champion status on that list is Mark Henry, and it took him 15 years.

Now Here is a list to be proud of: Bobby Lashley. Booker T. Brother Devon. Bad News Brown. Elijah Burke. Elix Skipper. Ernie Ladd. Ron Simmons. Jazz. Amazing Kong. Jacqueline. (current) Mark Henry. Rocky Johnson. The Rock. Ron Killings. Tony Atlas. Shelton Benjamin

It seems like nowadays, if you want to see great Black Professional Wrestlers, mainstream is not the place anymore.

Here is a list of American Indy guys that are pushing us forward: AR Fox. Xavier Woods. Jay Lethal. Navy Blue. Uhaa Nation. Sugar Dunkerton. Willie Mack. Kenny King. Scorpio Sky And last but not least, the FUTURE of our business! Freight Train!

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