Friday 13 January 2012

Let Me Speak On This - WWE & TNA Talk (13/01/12)

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Well, here we are 2012 and pro wrestling is in full swing. Everyone knows I am all about Indy wrestling but I do keep up to date with some WWE & TNA stuff so I’ll just scribble a few of my thoughts here.

Now, after all the It Begins hype we finally got the return of one Chris Jericho, I’d gone on record on twitter etc. Beforehand saying that if it were to be Jericho who returned I’d find it boring and even before RAW aired it was all but confirmed it was Jericho booked to return as he was spotted in the airport where RAW was being filmed so that was enough as far as I was concerned. But, I did think, this is pro-wrestling, could this be a swerve was the sighting of Jericho a planned thing by the WWE because they wouldn’t be that slack would they given the big build up to the return? To answer that, yes of course. I got up early on the Monday morning here in the UK to catch the end of RAW so I could see the return which of course was Jericho and all the fallout from it was a hot topic by the internet wrestling community.
Like many, I thought at the time it was poorly done, Jericho in his bright, sparkly jacket with flashing lights on and then he came down all smiles, really corny, hand slapping all the fans at ringside but then when he got in the ring, he just didn’t speak and ended up leaving the ringside area, went up the ramp and just went backstage. As I said, I ,like many thought other than I was already bored as it was Jericho returning it got worse when he did what he did with the not talking etc. I thought it was very poor. Not everyone however on the internet thought the same, they thought it was done very well because, they knew, no matter what Jericho’s past character was in the WWE, he was going to get a big pop and cheered by the fans. So the WWE could of gone down the obvious route, let him cut a promo in the ring saying how he hates all the fans and that type of stuff where he would of got his heel heat but no, what they decided to do was the total opposite, he just didn’t say a word which did just as good of a job of annoying the fans.

After a few days of the RAW show taking place, in retrospect I looked back put my disappointment of it being Jericho who returned behind me and realized that this angle was indeed done very well so I wants to pay kudos to the WWE for that for doing something different.
What took place on this past Monday’s RAW with Jericho coming out and once again not talking but crying in the ring was something totally different and I really don’t know what to make of it.

Another return to the WWE was on Brodus Clay who finally re-debuted on RAW under the tag line of Funkasaurus which for me and many others came across as a mix between Flash Funk (a character played by Too Scorpio in the WWF back in the mid 90’s) ,The Godfather who was one of the many characters played by Charles Wright in the WWF (some of the others were Papa Shango & KAMA) and Rikishi. I have told people who will listen; I think WWE have done this as a big F YOU to the internet fans. For weeks, months even fans have been moaning about him not making his comeback so WWE thought, tell you what, have this. Some say it’s a case of WWE not knowing what to do with him, I mean, we thought he may have been a bulldozer type gimmick like the late Umaga but we got the total opposite and it was well strange to say the least. It seems to be liked by many and if for whatever reason you missed it, the video is below.

Also on this week’s past RAW Edge was announced as the first official inductee to the class of 2012 Hall of Fame. I personally never liked Edge as a wrestler or a character but I cannot take away from him what he achieved in his WWE career before it was cut short after last year’s Wrestle Mania.

Also announced for the Hall of Fame were The Four Horsemen consisting of Barry Windham, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, JJ Dillon and yes that man Ric Flair. Even though Flair is already in the HOF he is going in once again and the Horsemen without Flair just doesn’t work so it should be a night to remember. Of course, Flair is under contract with TNA so can he appear at the HOF? Well take a look at the video below from a fan who spoke to Flair at a recent signing.

A little on TNA now, they have announced that when they do their UK tour at the end of the month here in the UK the London show will be filmed for episodes of IMPACT Wrestling. It’s good in one way that the fans are getting to be a part of the TV show but on the downside, it’s TV so there may be a bit of hanging around, the matches won’t be as long, there may be a lot of in-ring talking because one thing TNA is good for despite all the bad press they get, the house shows are usually very good and I have been to a TNA house show myself and it was very good indeed, a good 90% better than the WWE Smack Down house show I went to a couple of months ago.

Anyway, that’s it for now, any comments, drop me a line on twitter @WLHSTU or email me

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