Tuesday 25 November 2014

Sting And Lesnar In The WWE By Stuart Rodgers

Everyone is 'popping' over Sting turning up at Survivor Series but it was spoke about in the days before and I think the fact he's been with the company for a while now doesn't make it that much of a big deal, well not to me anyway. The paint covered up his age but that hair, wow.

The rumours now are saying at Wrestle Mania next year it'll be Sting vs Triple H, not sure how the general WWE fan feels about it but I think, if he is going to wrestle at Mania who would he really face other than someone like Triple H? People may think he should give the 'rub' to younger talent but I think a high profile match be that against Triple H or someone else is the way to go. Feel free to leave comments below or hit me up on twitter with your thoughts.

Something else WWE related, Brock Lesnar, the choice to let him take the streak from The Undertaker raised many eyebrows but I think the decision to give him the world title being as he works a very limited schedule raised even more.

I recall back in the day the 30 day rule of a champion not defending their title would see them be stripped of the relevant championship but like a lot of things of yesteryear in pro wrestling, it's something us older fans crave a return of.

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