Monday 13 June 2011

Wrestling Should Matter

Another IMPACT Wrestling PPV another PPV where we, well I am left scratching my head.

Plenty of predictions for this card before it took place and for me in particular it was for 2 matches and neither were the top 2 on the card. 

I was interested to see what was going to happen in the AJ Styles/Bully Ray Dudley match, not how the match was going to go quality wise but just who was going to go over. I don't think I'm alone in thinking what TNA , I mean  IMPACT Wrestling are doing with Styles is crap to be honest. In past weeks they had him put Tommy Dreamer over and now on the PPV put Ray over. Styles one of a few who has been there since day one of the company has been the stellar worker along with Chris Daniels, Samoa Joe (for a while) and Kurt Angle but recently they seemed to have lost faith in Styles as a top of the card worker. I hope sometime soon they realise as WRESTLING MATTERS that they use the wrestlers that can wrestle and do it well.

Another annoying result to come out of the PPV was X Division champion Abyss leaving the PPV  still in possession of the title. He worked in a 3 way with Kaz & Brian Kendrick and even if they wanted to keep Abyss strong they could of just had one of the others score the fall over the other. It wouldn't be that much of issue as it's the usual TNA craziness but their next PPV is Destination X and it sees the return of the six sided ring and from all accounts the PPV will be built around the X Division and this is why I and I imagine others are pissed off with Abyss still being champion.

There is 4 weeks to go until the PPV so Abyss still could drop the strap and the company could push the PPV....then again.

Oh yeah Mr Anderson beat Sting for the TNA title.

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