Sunday 8 August 2010

Tyler Black Signs For WWE...What's Next For The ROH World Title By Stu Rodgers

The internet rumour mill was on fire on Sunday night saying that current ROH world champion Tyler Black has signed with the WWE. Some have been saying Black is an OK worker but can't cut a promo, to no surprise these are fans of the WWE product who's whole gig seems to be about promo's rather than putting on good wrestling matches on a wrestling show. I however, much like when Bryan Danielson signed with the 'E' am gutted that we will not get to see Black wrestle on ROH shows but I am glad that he will have the chance to earn some big money.
ROH are currently building towards their next internet PPV Glory By Honor on Sept 11th, stands a good chance this could be Black's last ROH match so now the talk is, what's next for the ROH title? At GBH, Black faces Davey Richards, anyone who knows me or follows my blogs will know I am a big fan of Richards and his no nonsense style and I would like him to get the title. Back when they ran the ROH TV tournament and Richards lost to his American Wolves tag team partner Eddie Edwards in the final I thought straight away like others that Richards would be destined for the world title but, listening to an interview some months ago, Richards announced that 2010 would be his last year in professional wrestling as he is to become a firefighter. Maybe I am grasping at straws but I'd like to think he may stay in the business but he has always said, wrestling is just a hobby to him.
So taking this is to account, the question is, if Black is going to the WWE and Richards is retiring, who will ROH put the title on? Favourites at this point are Roderick Strong and Kevin Steen. My personal choice just for the fact I think he deserves it for his past career in ROH and elsewhere is Christopher Daniels. Some might think Daniels is too old but Jerry Lynn I believe was older when he held the strap and also, I think using Daniels as a champion who can then put over one of the younger talent for the title in the future maybe that would be more beneficial for the company in the long run. If it's not Daniels, I don't think Strong is really world title material and Steen well, yes I wouldn't have a problem with him as a good heel champion.

Only time will tell, how will WWE use Black, will Richards win the ROH title, will Richards really retire a the end of the year and.....what is next for the ROH world title?

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