Sunday 1 August 2010

Fans Turned Away As Bryan Danielson Returns To PWG By Aaron Rift

This article is used with permisson by author Aaron Rift after appearing on the Wrestling Observer's site.

There are at least 100 people, possibly 200 that were turned away. This was the biggest PWG crowd I've ever seen. The show started over an hour late due to PWG trying to get everyone that bought pre-sale tickets a seat.
Brandon Gatson, Johnny Goodtime, & Candice LeRae vs. Peter Avalon, Malachi Jackson, & Ryan Taylor. Candice got the pin with a moonsault. Fast paced opener with lots of dives.
Brandon Bonham vs. Brian Cage is up now. More dives. Probably 6-7 dives so far in the first two matches. Bonham won with a Canadian destroyer. Crowd chanted "that was awesome" and "please come back" at Cage.
Chris Sabin vs. Akira Tozawa is next. Crowd loved Sabin although hecklers chanted "we want Shelley" and "Detroit sucks." Tozawa pinned TNA's Sabin with a German suplex. Finish looked botched.
Scott Lost vs. Scorpio Sky in Losts retirement match. Crowd threw streamers at Lost and loud "please don't go" chants. Crazy match with lots of high spots. Highlight was belly to belly suplex from inside the ring to outside. "this is wrestling" chants. Tons of nearfalls. Lost kept kicking out of Scorpio's finisher until finally a kick to the head ended it for Lost. Standing ovation after. Locker room came out and Lost did a speech. Said he retired as a promise to his family, not totally done with the business.

Bryan Danielson vs. Roderick Strong. Danielson out to final countdown. Crowd threw in ties. He teased using one on ref. "cena got his fucking head kicked in" chants. "You killed Justin" chants. Danielson is cracking up. Strong used tie on Bryan and got huge pop along with "you are fired!" chants. Bryan then used the tie for even bigger pop followed by "you are hired!" chants. Bryan won with leg choke submission. He cut a promo afterwards. "I can't use that language, I am a PG wrestler." "I am sometimes embarrassed to be a sports entertainer, but I am always proud to be a wrestler!" Bryan then put over the fans of PWG.
Davey Richards vs Chris Hero for the PWG Title. Match started slow compared to the previous matches but got really hot at the end. One fan chanted "boring" and everyone told him to stfu. Lots of near falls. Davey retained with ankle lock with grapevine.
Main event: Guerrilla Warfare Tag Title match - El Generico & Paul London defend vs. Cutler Bros vs. Young Bucks. Match warned to be batshit crazy and it was. Chair shots, garbage cans, rakes, table spots, you name it. Just a wild brawl. London did a moonsault to guys on the outside and Generico did his brainbuster in the corner to win the match.
Really good show from PWG but they need a larger venue.

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