Sunday, 28 March 2010

UFC 111 - GSP Dominant - Mir Humbled

UFC is in the books now, Frank Mir got humbled by Shane Carwin. There was a lot saying this maybe the case, Carwin has never been out the first round in the UFC and he had no intention of doing anything different this time. I personally wanted Mir to win as I was looking forward to a third match between himself and UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar but that will have to be put on the back burner now as Carwin just pretty much dominated Mir. I thought Mir would have the skills to tie Carwin up but that wasn't the case. From a stand up position, Carwin had Mir pinned against the cage and then unleashed with a barry of uppercuts, Mir's legs went from under him and then Carwin continued the pounding with Mir flat out on his front. The refereee could of stepped in a bit sooner really because Mir was out from the minute he hit the mat basically. Lesnar was ringside and came into the octagon at the end of the fight and told Carwin who is now wearing the intrim heavyweight title that it was a "make believe title, I have the real one" to which Carwin responded "that's why I'm coming after it". Should be a good fight.

As for frank Mir, the chap is only 30yrs old but where does a defeat like this leave him? After losing to Lesnar in their second fight he bounced back and beat Cheick Kongo in a mere 1:12 of the first round at UFC 107 on December 12th 2009 which really shocked me I must say. I don't know to be honest if Mir will come back, as stated, only 30yrs old and he has bounced back from defeats in the octagon before and of course a career threatening motor cycle accident but with Carwin and Lesnar at the top of the tree, two very powerful guys, I don't know if Mir would get a chance as heavyweight champion again if if he got a shot at it.

The main event of UFC 111 was UFC Welterweight champion Georges 'Rush' St. Pierre defending against the UK's Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy. Hardy wasn't given much of a chance, he was a heavy outside bet for this fight as GSP is so well-versed in the art of MMA. In the first round GSP nearly ended it with a cross-armbar but Hardy managed to get out of it but it led me to think it was going to be a hard night's work for Hardy. From there GSP just dominated Hardy, everytime Hardy got to his feet, which to be honest was at the start and end of each round, GSP would just take him down again as Hardy was unable to defend the takedown. Another major talking point of the fight was when GSP had a sick kimura arm lock on Hardy but once again, the Brit showed his heart and refused to tap out despite being in extreme pain. GSP went on to win on points unanimously. GSP apologised to his fans for not being able to finish Hardy off and when interviewed after the fight and asked if he ever thought about tapping to the armbar or kimura Hardy responded "I don't know the meaning of the words tap out".

GSP will go on, maybe the next in line is Josh Koscheck I'm not sure and I am sure Hardy will bounce back too.


  1. Excellent review of the event. Apparently the winner of Koscheck vs Paul Daley at UFC 113 is likely to get the next title shot at GSP.