Friday 3 December 2010

How to Kill PPV Business By Shaun Nichols

This year's Survivor Series would have left anyone who bought the show wondering why they actually wasted their money by ordering the PPV. The following nights Raw would only have confirmed the feeling that they should have spent their money on something else. The Survivor Series was solely pushed on the idea that John Cena would either be fired or that he would screw Randy Orton out of the world title. Randy Orton was so concerned about the threat of Wade Barrett that he'll barely mentioned him in any of his promos instead the big focus was on Cena. R-Truth appeared weekly in the run-up to the PPV to let Orton know that he didn't think that he could trust Cena while maintaining that he was John Cena's friend. Strange definition of a friend that is.
An awesome Roddy Piper promo on the go home show should ensure that the PPV did a decent number, Cena also promised that whatever happened he would give Barrett a severe beating at the PPV after the main event. Did fans order the PPV to see Cena get his revenge and kick Barrett's ass? Of course some fans did. Did Cena follow through? No, why do something on PPV that people have paid good money for when you can delay 24 hours and let people see it for free.
What we also didn't see was Wade Barrett firing John Cena at the PPV nor did we see on Raw. Supposedly it may have happened over a drink in the bar or maybe over pancakes the following day's breakfast for all we know. The final tease for the PPV was that the Miz who wasn't booked to wrestle on the show would cash the MITB briefcase at the Survivor Series. Again this was held back until the following days Raw. So on PPV fans didn't see Cena attack Barrett, Miz cash the case in or see Cena fired. Fans watching Raw did see Miz cash the briefase and win the title, Cena attacking Barrett to stop Wade winning the title. So out of the PPV or Raw which event was the most memorable? The answer of case was Raw. Another question worth asking is if fans that ordered the Survivor Series felt that gave value for money and if they felt that Cena's 'Free or Fired' stipulation was adhereed to? The clear answer is no.
A lot of fans really liked Cena's 'farewell' promo on 22/11 Raw and as a standalone promo it was very good. Even fans that don't have anytime for Cena would have to admit getting the fans to do duelling chants of 'Let's go Cena' and 'Cena sucks' was pretty cool. Maybe in 2011 fans could start a 'Fuck you Cena' chant as 'Cena sucks' as now being turned into a babyface chant to some degree. The main cloud hanging over this promo is that absolutely no one in the crowd was buying that Cena was actually fired. Cameras panned frantically looking for fans who were upset. They found nothing. Cena then switched to saying how he had missed major family events and he was looking forward to going home. Still nobody was buying it especially when Cena walked backstage and gave Randy Orton a 'goodbye' hug. Less than an hour later he was back screwing Barrett in a world title re-match. To see how fans can react to what they see all you had to do was wait approximately five minutes to see the hatred in the face of the Linda Blair girl in the crowd when Miz won the title.
Since then Cena appeared on the following weeks Raw attacking a number of Nexus members and will turn up no doubt on next weeks TV. Despite the fact that in storyline he's no longer employed by the company as CM Punk at least tried to remind us on commentary. From a consistancy point of view this is really bad, as on the 22/11 edition of Raw Laycool (employed by the company but on the Smackdown brand) were not allowed into the building in a skit because they were not on a list of Raw talent. A week later Cena wanders through and attacks WWE employees from a common sense perspective it is pure stupidity and explains why stipulations do not draw for the WWE and why they should not draw. The company chooses to never deliver and follow through on those stipulations and as a result they really don't deserve to have fans paying $50 dollars expecting to get a pay off to a major storyline that doesn't come.

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