Monday 13 December 2010

DVD Recomendations By Shaun Nichols

DVD Recommendations AKA Things You Have to Buy.

In an effort to bring you as much quality wrestling releases as possible, allow me to point you in the direction of the following titles. These DVD's are either discs that I would encourage any fan to watch or shows that have pretty much had universal praise. So here goes..
Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho - Well it seemed to take forever but the WWE finally released a suitably fitting 3 disc set in honour of the great man. Disc one has a very enjoyable documentary which if you like his band you'll enjoy even more than I did and a number of really good extras including a hilarious argument between Chris and an old man at a TV taping. Discs two and three are filled with some of his best matches throughout his career which are dominated by his WCW and WWE matches, the matches are generally well selected. It really is a damn fine set for any Jericholic.
ROH Death Before Dishonor VIII - This was the very well received iPPV from June which took place in Toronto. It's main evented by a genuine MOTY contender between then ROH champion Tyler Black defending against Davey Richards, every review of this match as given it ****1/2 or higher and it really does have great fan reaction in the last several minutes. It's by no means a one match card and also features the first 1 on 1 between Steen and Generico, the latest installment between the Kings of Wrestling vs The Briscoes and a somewhat dream match between Kenny Omega vs Christopher Daniels. A show you simply can't go wrong with.
PWG Seven - There have been several outstanding PWG shows this year, the best of which is arguably this. This features two serious MOTY contenders and they only wrestle in front of a few hundred fans. Main event is an insane 3 way for the tag belts with El Generico & Paul London defending against the Young Bucks & Cutler Brothers and is just ridiculously entertaining. Davey Richards defends the PWG world title against Chris Hero, Scott Lost as his emotional retirement match, Bryan Danielson faces Roderick Strong and we also get Chris Sabin vs Akira Tozawa from Dragon Gate. Another awesome show.
PWG BOLA 2010 Nights 1 & 2 - The famed 'Battle of Los Angeles' returns, see the breakthrough performance of Ricochet against Claudio Castagnoli, the continued brilliance of Chris Hero. The match that Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer fame said was the best match he'd seen live all year which was Hero vs Tozawa on Night 2. To cap it off you get the most unpopular winner of any BOLA tournament, two really fun nights and one fantastic event.
DGUSA Enter the Dragon (1st Anniversary) - Due to PPV restrictions with Danielson returning to the WWE, DGUSA couldn't show his match against Shingo on the PPV airing so they had to wait until they released the DVD. Let's just say that it was well worth the wait and was just as good as you would imagine that it would be. Also on the show was an 8 man elimination, BxB Hulk defending his title against Mochizuki and a very fun 4 way featuring Ricochet, Adam Cole, Chuck Taylor and Arik Cannon. If you get the 2 disc set you'll also see two very good Bryan Danielson matches from FIP from 2005.
There really was some very good stuff in 2010 it's just that not a lot of it was in the WWE or TNA. In a few days I should have an indepth review of the latest WLH DVD compilation - Japanese Platinum 'Rebirth' Volume 1 which features among the matches the Tokyo Sports Awards Match of the Year winner Golden Lovers (Omega & Ibushi) vs Apollo 55 (Devitt & Taguchi) from October.

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