Saturday 18 December 2010

PS 50 2010

50. Jack Swagger
49. Jeff Hardy
48. Max Buck
47. Edge
46. Shawn Michaels
45. Jeremy Buck
44. CM Punk
43. Eddie Edwards
42. The Miz
41. Sheamus
40. Jay Briscoe
39. Kaz Hayashi
38. James Storm
37. Roderick Strong
36. Mark Briscoe
35. Togi Makabe
34. Robert Roode
33. Satoshi Kojima
31. Kenny Omega
30. Kevin Steen
29. Christian
28. Daisuke Sekimoto
27. Claudio Castagnoli
26. Daniel Bryan
25. PAC
24. Chris Hero
23. Chris Jericho
22. Naruki Doi
21. El Generico
19. Randy Orton
18. Kota Ibushi
17. AJ Styles
16. BXB Hulk
15. Rey Mysterio
14. Hirooki Goto
13. CIMA
12. Shinsuke Nakamura
11. Alex Shelley
10. Seth Rollins (Tyler Black)
09. Chris Sabin
08. Naomichi Marufuji
07. Go Shiozaki
06. Shingo Takagi
05. Takashi Sugiura
04. Prince Devitt
03. Hiroshi Tanahashi
02. Davey Richards
01. Kurt Angle


  1. Good to see that Kenny Omega's sister made the list. Seriously though how on earth Masato Yoshino didn't make the top ten never mind the top 50 is a complete travesty. Kurt Angle again at number one is a complete farce as well, yes he's had the odd really good match but he shouldn't have made the top ten. Powerslam again miss their opportunity to compile a serious list.

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  3. LOL Shaun, thanks for pointing out the mistake, a text would of been prefered LOL
    Even though you are disapointed with Yoshino's ommission from the list, I think PS overall have done a great job including so many indy and puro guys rather than sucking up to the massess and flooding it with WWE guys

  4. Your missing the point Stu, Yoshino should have been placed on the list without doubt and out of the DG guys that did make the list he's been better than all of them with the exception of Shingo. He should have been a really easy pick and the fact they missed him makes PS look awfully poor. What's the point of picking wrestlers who haven't had as good of year just for picking a certain number of puro/indy guys? The best workers should be on the list no matter who they work for.