Friday 3 December 2010

Is The Return of Triple H Close?

This past Monday night on WWE RAW, Sheamus won the King of The Ring tournament, could this mean the return of the 'King of Kings' Triple H is close?

The current WWE product is rather poor, the current champion is The Miz and I have blogged elsewhere about my feelings on this. John cena has been in an angle with Nexus which the last action saw Cena 'fired' from the WWE but yet, he is advertised still on houseshows and is appearing under the moniker of Juan Cena - John Cena's Mexican cousin. Randy Orton, the man beaten by The Miz for the WWE title, is advertised as The Miz's oppenent on the next PPV but I am hearing Orton is now out injured. Talking of injuries, over on the Smack Down brand, The Undertaker is out injured and WWE hope he'll be fit for Wrestle Mania.

Sheamus has had a decent run in the WWE, they had the faith to put the strap on him and now they have given him the King of The Ring win so hopefully there are big things ahead for the Irish man and this could mean a feud with Triple H if and when he returns. I think, a return of Triple H is needed.

Signing off, Stuart Rodgers

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