Thursday 25 November 2010

The Miz - WWE Champion, Is He Made of The Right Stuff?

So The Miz finally cashed in his contract that he won in the Money In The Bank match at the WWE's first MITB PPV on July 18th 2010. On WWE RAW this past Monday the 22nd November, following a win over NEXUS leader Wade Barrett, WWE champion Randy Orton was faced with the task of facing The Miz whose time had finally been chosen by the office for the title. Now, the point of this blog for me is to try and put my views across that I don't think The Miz is WWE title material.

Since The Miz won the title I have been have some discussions on twitter with my good friends @TheRealJeffPeck and @Brettley916 with me basically saying the same thing. Both guys are saying I am wrong, Brett saying it is 'absurd' for me to state that and Jeff said 'whether you like him or not u got to give the guy credit, he's worked from the bottom and reached the top, great story'. Now, while I don't disagree The Miz has come along way in his WWE career I must say I don't think he is has enough star power or the 'it' factor to lead the RAW brand. I know there are a lot of fans who are very pleased The Miz has the strap but I imagine, there is as many who think like myself. We know pro-wrestling is a work and although Daniel Bryan is the darling of the internet 'smart' fans none moreso than me, when they had The Miz drop the US title I thought at the time that WWE can't think too much of him with them dropping the strap to Bryan because I don't think many of the other 'top' guys in the WWE would of been put in that position.

I am sure this blog will get some negative remarks but I hope it also gets some approval from the fans out there who think like myself about The Miz.

Signing off, Stuart Rodgers


  1. I agree 100% mate, the miz just aint good enough never has been never will be. Dont get me wrong im all for elevating mid card wrestlers to the main event, just sometimes they should stay where they are! The miz whichever way you look at it hasnt got the ability, skill, or the talent to be a good world champion. Correct me if im wrong but the job of the champ is too draw money and make each match and opponent look good if not brilliant. For me the wwe is not in a good place at the moment, kane and the miz as the champs niether deserve to hold the titles they do. Hell we might as well go back in time and have hogan as the champ after all he was all promo and no wrestle!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's definitely the right move to elevate the Miz into a bona fide main eventer. As I said in a previous blog I had no doubt that the Miz would get the title in a matter of a few months. The idea that a champion is a major draw above the brand when it comes to being a PPV draw is laughable. Infact only HHH, Jericho and Jeff Hardy have had a positive effect on buyrates when they main evented. If the Miz is booked strongly enough in the next few months he will be quite the asset and his addition to the main event scene should be warmly welcomed.