Sunday 7 November 2010

Indy Wrestling: Have the Best Days Gone?

Recently I was listening to the Still Real To Us podcast Jeff & Eric got onto Indy wrestling and the state of it in the current climate. In the early 2000's indy wrestling was at it's best, groups like IWA-MS, ECWA, PWG, JAPW etc. would have excellent shows then in 2002 Ring of Honor was born and for fans of wrestling as opposed to the sports entertainment that is offered by the WWE this was great. I have to agree with some of what was said, the indies of today are just not up to scratch but for me what hurts the indy promotions is the lack of top tier indy talent. This is not to be confused with former WWE/WCW stars coming in but the fact of indy groups don't have out and out 'must see' wrestlers now as the top indy stars from the mid 2000's are now in WWE or TNA, workers like Samoa Joe, CM Punk, AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson & Low-Ki (Kaval in WWE). One that spent a few years away was Homicide but he is now back on the indies and with ROH. Other than ROH, the major player on the scene is Dragon Gate USA who themselves have put some great shows on. The other groups still run shows but just don't have the shows they once did. Out of the others that are left, PWG are probably the best. I myself don't watch the CHIKARA promotion but I am told it's different yet very good.

I really hope independant wrestling can pick up because I think it's a must for the business not to feed WWE & TNA but to give the fans who are disillusioned with those companies something to watch.

Signing off, Stuart Rodgers

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  1. I've recently watched PWG's As the Worm Turns from this past February and I have to say it was one of the most entertaining Indy shows I've ever seen from top to bottom. I would encourage anyone to check out that show.