Sunday 21 November 2010

Random Thoughts For Saturday 20th November, Bret Hart, Wrestling figures & UFC 123

The day started with me heading off to the NEC in Birmingham for the Memorabilia Show. The plan was have a look around maybe get some wrestling merchandise and maybe get to meet Bret Hart. Memorabilia was also the venue for the the FWA's European Uprising show. I got to the show and had only been in there 5 minutes when I got to a stall ran by a guy who has been doing the show for years selling wrestling figures and other wrestling related stuff. And the guy, Kev, asked me to help out on his stall as he has the headache of dealing with the Bret Hart signing because he was responsible of bringing him over to the UK. He had family members and friends helping out but Kev said to them he wanted me to help as I knew about figures LOL. I know you're probably bored now, I just wanted to mention this as it led me to an awful lot of rushing about around this quite big stall. I didn't get to see any other stall as I was stuck selling figures. Anyway, the finally got a bit slower on the stall so was able to get a picture with Bret, the only pic Bret took with anyone on his side of the table which was good. No idea why but I can't add pictures to this blog page anymore so the pic is available to see on my facebook page if you are a friend of mine on there, add me if you're not.
The FWA show was in full effect, I could hear it going on in the background and I did have a ringside seat reserved thanks to my good friend James Shaw. I finally got to my seat during the third match from the end. This match was The heel stable of The Agenda (Rees, Dave Moralez & Joel Redman) vs. The Resistance of Nick Riley, Bubblegum & Sha Samuels. I have not been following FWA, didn't really know any of the matches leading into the show apart from what was scheduled as the 2 last matches. As I wasn't following what was going on, I was surprised to see Joel Redmond as a heel, just wanted to add that in. The Agenda got the win by the way, as I said, I only got to see the ending of the match but it was a decent six man tag from what I saw. The semi main even was supposed to be 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm against fellow Birmingham boy 'Rockstar' Spud but earlier on in the show from what I was told, Spud came out cut a promo and said he was unable to wrestle due to an injury. This was a shame really, this was a match I was looking forward too and the added ingredient to this match was the fact it was a ladder match nd at stake in a briefcase above the ring was a contract and whoever grabbed that briefcase and obtained the contract would have ownership of the gimmick 'Wonderkid'. As Spud was injured, he had someone take his place in the match and this was Axl Rage as the two were about to start the match, out came the 'Showstealer' Nathan Cruz and he said he thought he should be in the match and he gave his reasons for thinking so. So the match was agreed and it was set a 3 way match. Spud took a spot on commentary in place of Greg 'The Truth' Lambert. I won't go spot for spot for what happened in the match but it was full of good highspots and overall action with Storm getting the case and ripping up the contract while sat on top of the ladder. Shame Spud wasn't in the match but I am sure that will come soon enough. It was a very good match though and Rage & Cruz held their own in there with the excellent 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm.
And now for the main event, out first came the special guest referee Alex Shane then came the challenger Leroy Kincaide soon followed by the leader of The Agenda FWA World Heavyweight champion 'The Guv'nor' Martin Stone. I told James sitting next to me that the first time I saw Stone & Kincaide they were both 'bodyguards' for one Alex Shane some years ago. Anyway, the internet has been rife with rumours that Stone has signed a developmental contract with the WWE and this led me to believe that the title was bound to change hands. The match was very hard hitting, Alex played a great role of an impartial referee and the match was very two and fro but after 15 minutes or so, Shane got bumped outside the ring another ref came out to take over the match but eventually Shane made it back into the ring with the other ref bumped as Kincaide was preparing to hit Stone with some sort of move but Shane hit him with a big boot to the face, he then ordered Stone to cover Kincaide and called for another ref to come out, one did and Shane told him to count the pin and sensibly the ref told Shane he was the ref but he screamed at him "I want you to count the pin" this took place and Martin Stone is still the FWA heavyweight champion. Alex Shane took the microphone and went into a tirade about what has happened and what will happen in the future. He was joined in the ring by Stone and The Agenda aswell as Greg Lambert in his black leather gloves. As he now joined The Agenda but changed the name to The Illumanati and all the guys posed in the ring making a hand sign resembling a diamond, this is the symbol of The Illumanati.
Overall, I was impressed with what I saw by the FWA and would like to say here, well done guys great wrestling and great storylines. Looks good for the future.

UFC 123 was also this weekend early hours of Sunday morning, the main event was Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida but before this was UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes vs. 'The Prodigy' BJ Penn. Now anyone who knows me will know I have no time for Penn, he is a good MMA figher, I might go as far to say great, known for being the first non Brazillian fighter to get a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu but he naused me out following his loss to GSP because he accused GSP of having oil on his body so was unable to put his submission holds on him - BITCH!! Anyway, I thought Hughes was a bit over the hill I thought. I was so hoping I was wrong but I wasn't and Penn exploded out of the blocks and knocked out in a mere 21 seconds.
Onto the main event, this was close to call before the fight and it actually was. Rampage was the aggressor in the fight but still for me there was no out and out winner for connecting kicks, punches or submisson attempts. I have been having discussions about this on twitter and I have been told Rampage was a clear winner by my friend Brett but even if Rampage did shave it I wouldn't say the result was clear.

As always, please post any comments and I'll be happy to answer.

Sigining off, Stuart Rodgers.

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