Monday 15 November 2010

Old School Raw - Pretty Much A Letdown

Just finished watching WWE's Old school RAW. For weeks the internet has been full of speculation of who may of turned up on the RAW show tonight, there wasn't much love for the same old guys they have used in the past. Many people including myself, wanted some 'fresh' legends or past stars that haven't been used before for this type of gig. Some of the legends were confirmed before the show and a lot were speculated. We knew WWE would used a lot of their agents and Mike 'IRS' Rotundo, Steve 'Brooklyn Brawler' Lombardi & Arn Anderson were used along with Ted Dibease, The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan & more. No one appeared I was really surprised to see except maybe Slick but he was just a manager back in the day.
I think, myself and others hoping for stars such as The Rock, Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels were really just clutching at straws. I think they (WWE) really wanted old school as opposed to stuff from the 'Attitude' era which was when the WWE/WWF was interesting. There was not many high points from the show for me, a person who struggles with WWE at the best of time. Some of the old school skits I enjoyed were the Mae Young angle with Laycool just because it was so cringe worthy. I also got a laugh out of the backstage skit with the Diease Sr. & Jnr. IRS and of course, the Rhodes family, Dusty, Cody & Goldust, the bit that made me laugh actually was at the end of it when Dusty had the music queued up and began to dance.

In closing, I don't really care much for the current WWE product and I thought I'd record then watch this because of the old school gimmick but for me, overall it was pretty much a letdown.

Please leave your comments if you agree or disagree.

Signing out, Stuart Rodgers

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