Tuesday 5 October 2010

WWE Hell In A Cell 2010 'As It Happened' By N£O

Well, we're off and running and we start with the match that everyone is undecided about Morrison vs Miz vs Bryan.
We start, obviously with the two faces pairing off against the Miz especially as the Miz comes down with a microphone and makes his declaration clear that he is going win back the US title... But in this writer's opinion (and remember this is as it happens so I am speaking and writing this actually as I watch) I think tonight he will cash in his briefcase. I don't think they can stretch the money in the bank angle much longer..... So I think he has to cash tonight and in a way I hope he does so maybe Morrison and Daniel Bryan can carry on with their little feud because I think they pair up quite well and as I watch Brian has got Morrison in a single leg Boston/chicken wing submission. Bring it on!

Bryan does 'cattle mutilation'......brilliant!!!!

Now Bryan picks up the Miz and then they proceeded to kick each other quite hard in the face, it's clear that the animosity between these two is probably quite real. Miz kicks Bryan square in the face but Bryan kicks Miz back even harder, then Miz does it again / then Bryan does it again now then not pulling any punches with those shots......
Morrison comes back into the fray, here it comes - Starship pain starship pain are right on Miz his right thigh and Miz us to roll out another little break Morrison are twisting Mike Kiota the ref is just literally a spectator at this moment.
Now Miz went for a crappy arm bar and now Morrison and the Miz are in the crowd don't know where Daniel Bryan is probably having a rest hopefully ready to finish off and win the match and now Mike Kiota is right there.
They are bathed in red lights and now Miz has got a rear naked choke on Daniel Bryan. Now they're all fighting on the stairs.......

Now they are fighting on the ramp, Morrison is doing his Spiderman thing, wow it's pretty impressive but I'm bit annoyed that we have to keep being reminded that his impressive training is hardcore???
Here he goes what is Morrison going to do?
Oh he's going to come completely commit suicide and Miz takes the brunt of it. Obviously Mike Kiota has relayed to the booking team that they need a break because they show the replay three times now Morrison has got The Miz and is crawling, scraping, trying to get away but here comes the Texas Cloverleaf but is turned over. If you notice The Miz is tapping but uh oh here comes Riley and throws Morrison and then Bryan stunts Riley into the cameraman now only one of two things is going to happen........ either Bryan retains or Bryan retains and there we go. We can't call it the Crossface......... It's called the Labelle lock (?) and Miz is squirming, squirming, tap you bastard tap tap tap then now he tapped, Bryan retains Neo was right all along....:P

Let us talk about Randy Orton, and Sheamus.
In this writer's opinion, it could only have ended in the Viper retaining the title. If the WWE wants to keep the prestigious WWE championship as a prestigious WWE championship, then it would have been silly to give it back to Sheamus after Orton only holding it for just over two weeks. It was a good match. I am typing this while watching the Edge, Swagger, Del Rio angle, so I have actually already have watched the match so I won't even insult your intelligence and pretend that I am typing or speaking into my speech recognition that I'm watching it at this moment.
Needless to say, Orton retains, in a typical Hell In The Cell match which did go back and forth but was the result ever in doubt?
No, No, no.
After the Edge, Swagger and del Rio nonsense Edge beats Swagger, which does nothing to promote either superstar, Edge is on a side angle with the GM laptop, and I don't even know what they are doing with Swagger, I don't think even they know.......

Cena vs Barrett.

What a match! I actually genuinely enjoyed this match, I think the stipulation that Nexus was not allowed to interrupt this match helped the flow perfectly, because I think if they had got involved in a physical way, it would have been a farce. Barrett is clearly able to ride with the best of them and Cena has improved greatly, and added some good basic moves to his repertoire which I think he needed to do to be taken seriously, which the WWE universe seems to be doing right now. If you are lucky enough to have SKY+, try pausing or slowing down the patented Cena leg drop that he does to Barrett, not only does Cena reach nearly 15 to 20 foot in the air but the leg drop hits Barrett square on the shoulders, and Barrett's head smashes into the canvas!! Good stuff Johnny boy!
Not so sure that I am that surprised that Cena lost, I think the reluctant Cena / Nexus angle will run for quite some time possibly all the way to Bragging Rights and beyond, and I think they have also opened up some good angles with the two fans that did the run in, that led to Cena's loss. Not quite sure who the first 'fan' was but I believe the second one was Husky Harris......

Don't wanna talk about the women's match if ya don't mind!!!!!! Again, complete waste of air time.

Now I am watching my favourite wrestler of all time, The Undertaker (Mark Calloway) versus Kane (Glen Jacobs) for the World Heavyweight strap!
The inclusion of Paul Bearer, in the last few broadcasts, has really made this a trip back in time, and if you read my other post on the Wrestling'slasthope blog you will know that I think this is the swansong for the Brothers of Destruction as 'Taker is probably coming to the very end of his career, although if Flair's TNA persona is anything to go by 'Taker may be around for another 20 years!!!!!!!
I am really looking forward to this one even though it will probably be just a slobber knocker, it'll be cool anyway........

* * * * *

IT NEVER ceases to amaze me as I watch the 'Taker / Kane match, how wrong someone who has been watching the undertaker the nearly 30 years, sorry no that's an exaggeration, I've been watching wrestling for 30 years, I've been watching 'Taker since the Hogan angle in the 90's, but it never ceases to amaze me that I can be so wrong. I just naturally assumed 'Taker would win in the cell and did not see the swerve turn that makes perfect sense now of Paul Bearer turning on the Undertaker and becoming presumably, Kane's new manager.
Not quite sure about when the lights went out and he shone the light from the urn that was a bit crap, but as cartoon wrestling goes it doesn't get much better than that. Even though I can see through all the Marvel comic style action, my four-year-old will absolutely love it. Bring on Bragging Rights and looking forward to RAW tonight, to see if Cena will be wearing the yellow N........?

N£O out x 04/10/2010 for wrestlingslasthope.com

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