Tuesday 19 October 2010

Quick RAW Review For 18/10/10 By N£O

Hello wrestling fans Neo here, again.
Wanted to give you my thoughts and views on Monday night RAW.
The first surprising thing about the Calgary RAW, was usually especially at pay-per-view events the crowd in Canada can be very hostile towards....well everyone.
But I found the new excitement in the Canadian crowd was quite refreshing, as they seem to be behind all the stars who usually get booed in Canada.
We started off with Cole surprisingly having to take a back seat as a Babyface sort of commentator because Theodore Long was coming down to take charge of RAW and proceeded to remove the laptop which gets the e-mails from the general manager.
Big show and then the Smack Down roster from the Bragging Rights team proceeded to come down and take charge of our RAW ring.
As the WWE website report details it, Theodore Long was leading the charge, but really he was just following script, although this was good stuff and I was already hooked.
Obviously, I knew that this was going to happen, leading up to Bragging Rights and with the sale of the Smack Down vs Raw game on the horizon, we wouldn't expect anything less.
But this was a good RAW, in fact In the Words of Mike Mizano this was an Awesome Raw.
Soon after I watched the show, I checked the American forums, and they described this as the invasion, I wouldn't describe it quite as an invasion but it certainly was a takeover.
There was blue everywhere, and the usual plants in the audience with the signs were quite obvious by the way that the production team cut to them almost on cue.
Then Cole, as usual started coming in his pants because that Miz came out to challenge the 7 foot monstor SD Captain, although we found out later he got slightly more than he bargained for.......
RAW's team is eclectic mix of heels / superheroes / Babyface's and super Babyface's and the surprising introduction (and I must admit this writer did not see this coming) Ezekiel Jackson's return who looks pretty impressive not so much in the ring, but physically certainly looks like he could be one of Vince's big dominating superstars!
Big Show then challenged his opposite number (Miz) to a match later on at the end of the show which you just knew was gonna turn into an all-out brawl but Teddy Long had a surprise up his sleeve for us and it was an enjoyable one.
With bragging rights not that far away the whole thing - in fact the whole broadcast was a Blue versus Red showdown and I really don't mind this because I am a big fan of the Smack Down vs RAW console series games, and enjoy them thoroughly with my five-year-old son who has created his own character on 2010 for the Xbox and takes great pride in doing his 619 that he is added to it on my character Daddy Taker!
The show was all about blue versus red so we were subjected to maybe an hour of time fillers, which was still entertaining.
They have now lined Daniel Bryan up seemingly, with the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in a match that now has been announced for Bragging Rights officially. Again, repeating myself as I have done about four or five times in this article, obviously the blue versus red matchup is classic for the Bragging Rights pay per view that we are becoming accustomed to, but the added incentive for us is that Daniel Bryan, a very talented and hard-working athlete is being pitched against one of the WWE poster childs and throw Vicky Guerrero into the mix and I'm looking forward to this one very, very, very much. Having watched Bryan live on many occasions in the UK and ROH I would love to see this man go all the way as he is a thoroughly nice guy who has been nothing but informative and nice to me at fan based signing visits I have met him on.
Although, I find it hard to believe that the WWE will let the US champion beat the Intercontinental Champion at a pay-per-view.

Finally after lots of different comedy skits throughout the show, and promos where we see Wade Barrett embarrassing Cena in front of a laughing and joking Nexus team we got the mini main event before the end of the show where Orton and Cena were pitted against Harris and McGillicutty. I am undecided on McGillicutty not because of his heritage, far from it - but because I just don't think he has the charisma or the skill to live up to his family name albeit that he hasn't actually got his family name.... Which is strange?
Husky Harris however is a prospect I am looking forward to seeing developed, if he gets the chance. I like the monica that he is a tank with a Ferrari engine, and I think he has some skills for a big fat kind of Samoan Joe type character which I think behind-the-scenes they are hoping to create maybe down the line....
Anyway Orton and Cena really did make quick work of the two 'rookies', and the actual ending where the Attitude Adjustment and the RKO were delivered was quite entertaining and got a big pops from the crowd.
The only point of interest apart from the well timed choreographed action was the ending after the match when Barrett was clearly upset with Cena and instructed all of his fellow Nexus team members to attack Orton which they did eventually after Orton tried to fight back as his character always would do.
The pack of jackals overpowered Orton and beat him right down and then Barrett strangely ordered Cena to deliver the 'AA' to Orton, (and remember
Cena will be in the corner of Barrett for their championship match at Bragging Rights) but then decided to stop and in some symbolic way then transferred Orton's lifeless carcus to the shoulders of Barrett and Barrett delivered Wasteland which didn't look that impressive and let's be honest Wasteland is about as impressive finishing move as attitude adjustment isn't!!!
Don't really want to tell you about Gold Dust beating Zach Ryder while Ted Dibiase looked on and tried to get his $$$ belt back, although I am slightly happy that finally The Gold One is getting a little bit of recognition from the commentary team as Michael Cole seemed genuinely excited that Dusty Rhodes' son was getting a mini push, although I think the reason he is getting the mini push, is because HE IS Dusty Rhodes' son.

Onto the main event, even before the Miz versus the giant captain versus Capt match could get into action, Teddy Long again stamped his authority by telling us that it was now going to be, (as all the rest of the rosters from both shows were at ringside in a lumberjack position) we should have a battle royale which the Calgary crowd seemed to love and so did I.
The battle royale lasted longer than I thought it would and for a while no-one was eliminated, but one by one the stars who really don't matter in this big face off @ Bragging Rights went out bit by bit, even mysterio, who arguably is one of the biggest pulling stars in the WWE went out well before the end... Edge got ankle locked by Swagger outside the ring and took himself out of camera shot through good 2 min while Big Show and Edge eliminated the Awesome team captain and Sheamus with a couple of good timed spears and clotheslines.
Yes folks, smack down won the battle royale leading up to bragging rights and now holds a 2 nil lead over smack down in the Bragging Rights buildup as they did win last year's pay-per-view.
Who will win on Sunday night/Monday morning...????? This writer cannot wait to find out!

For WRESTLING'S LAST HOPE this is N£O reporting.......peace out - 19/10/2010

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