Sunday, 3 October 2010

John Cena To Turn Heel?

There is a lot of talk of WWE turning Cena heel leading up to Wrestle Mania next year the cons of the turn would of course be the hit to his merchandise sales as it's no secret, Cena has been booed by the male teen/adult fans for ages now but with WWE going the PG route I think it shows they don't really care for the small minority of 'smarks' that boo Cena. As for the pro's, I really can't think of any. I think they should stick with what has brought them to to the dance because I don't think a heel turn would be like Hulk Hogan's was back in 96 despite the majority of us 'smarks' wanting a return to the attitude type era of wrestling we saw in the late 90's. WWE should stick with Cena has their marquee babyface because unlike WCW back in 96 when Hogan turned they don't have a Sting or Randy Savage to lead the charge, some may think Randy Orton is being well-recieved as a babyface but he is not Cena-esque in that role and though I'd rather watch an Orton match over a Cena one any day of the week.

Please leave comments on this subject, I'll be interesting to read the views of other fans.

By Stuart Rodgers


  1. Hi Stu,

    yes I think, that Cena won't go heel but now he has lost to Barrett will have to be part of Nexus and as soon as Cena puts on that black T-shirt with the yellow N the sales of the Nexus T-shirt will go through the roof. So even though they might lose sales on the Cena merchandise, then Nexus merchandise will obviously go through the roof, make sense?

  2. Yes N£O, Vince has been saying in meetings that he is disappointed about the Nexus shirt sales so maybe Cena in Nexus will send sales through the roof, time will tell.

  3. good 2 see we agree on both the toffees and the PPV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot wait for Smackdown live too, think the Edge angle is gonna get deeper now he has been banished by the laptop GM