Friday 15 October 2010

Bound For Confusion.... Captain Obvious looks at TNA's latest PPV offering

After Bound For Glory, many of the TNA fans were left asking one simple question......"What the hell?"

After weeks and weeks of being promised the arrival of "THEY", fans were hoping for something that would be groundbreaking and change the landscape of wrestling. Could it be a group of new performers or the return of someone old? What was this group going to do that could hopefully spark a new excitement in the company and hopefully propel them more towards the number one spot and help slow this painful downward spiral they have been on since the arrival of the Hogan-Bischoff regime. Instead we were granted the "privilege" of seeing the next installment of a wannabe NWO style group.
TNA has more talent on their roster than any other professional wrestling company in the world. They have a great blend of in-ring workers and guys who can cut promos. They have the best collection of female wrestlers in the world also. Yet, time after time, we as fans are let down with the fake promises of something different and innovative. We don't want the same old recycled storyline of 1996 and the redesigns of groups that are better left to memories of days gone by. We want to see some of the younger stars get a chance to shine on their own accord and not be left to swallow the crumbs of the guys who should have been off screen years ago.
If you want to see what TNA should be all about, then just go back and watch the very first match at BFG. The Motor City Machine Guns and Generation Me showed a glimpse of what tag team wrestling should be all about. They had a solid storyline leading into the show. The did great mic work leading up to it further selling the storyline. Then they went out and put on an amazing match to finalize the angle. They were innovative with their moves and that alone was almost worth the entire PPV price. The rest of the show was solid with old and young performers alike putting on solid matches. Even EV2.0 (the worst stable name since The Oddities) even worked a solid match despite their age limitations.
Then came the main debacle; the triple threat match between Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, and Mr. Anderson. Why this match had to be the debut of "They" still baffles me. Hardy and Angle had done back to back great matches and adding in the ever improving Mr. Anderson would have been a great match. But what we got was the mind numbingly slow return of Hollywood Hogan and crew in tow. Then we had Jeff Hardy turn his back on his legions of tween age fans and attacked Angle and Anderson. The only upside to this is with Bischoff and Hogan as the mouthpieces for this group, I won't have to listen to Jeff cut a promo for a while.
The confusion now comes due to the fact that we already have one heel stable with faction that TNA has spent the better part of 6 months building up. Now, are they relegated to mid-card status to make way for "They" (OK, "They" is officially the worst faction name ever). Do guys like AJ Styles and Matt Morgan get pushed back again for The Double Jeffs. Or do we see another rehashed storyline and watch these groups merge into one giant conglomerate reminiscent of the NWO when it had like 400 people in it. And who do we have to stand up to this Wal-Mart heel group. DO we get the return of rafter hiding Sting? Does Mr. Anderson become the savior of TNA? Does EV 2.0 pull out another series of matches when most of them are so broken down they are duct taped and glued together just to make it through a show? Or is now the time to make Samoa Joe the franchise of this company and put him on a one man crusade to vanquish the evil that is "They"? Only time will tell, but for TNA, time may be running out.

"Captain Obvious" Sam Dent

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