Monday 25 October 2010

N£O Takes A Look At Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan From Bragging Rights


Bragging rights kicked off, with 23 minutes of pure wrestling genius.
Daniel Bryan versus Dolph Ziggler was class 'A' wrestling, both of these men left it all in the ring, and Ziggler took so many good shots from Bryan it was almost difficult to watch or understand at what point they were ever going to end this great competition.
This was quite amazing, I have been watching wrestling for over 30 years and I have to say that after watching this match FIVE times over, it is one of the best matches I have seen in a long, long time. Bryan was electric..... And Ziggler was just as good...
WWE sold the buried alive match in a long promo, but we were later to find out that this wasn't actually the main event it was destined to be Randy Orton versus Wade Barrett. The night kicked off with Vicky Guerrero saying as she usually does, "Excuse me!!!" to the usual boos and hisses.
Dolph, looking ripped and strangely 'perfect' physically as he normally does (and slightly over tanned in this writer's opinion) was looking like he meant business and Bryan came down to that stupid music which just does not suit him in this opinion of this writer as I have said before. Then there was a lock-up and we were treated to 10 min of back and forth action up which one point Bryan jumped over Guerrero and flew through the air off the side of the ring and hit Ziggler with a flying knee that really looked like that it would sting of in the morning and also brilliantly Ziggler kicked out quite a few times at the start of the match, then rolled out of the ring to let us all know that he was actually intimidated by Bryan, who acknowledged the crowd support...
Danielson actually got loads of crowd pops on many occasions, in fact we were also treated to "Let's Go Bryan!!" chants which rang through the arena very loudly.
Vicky screamed from ringside throughout the whole match and some of the commentary that King and Michael Cole gave while she was doing it was actually quite funny and for once,Matt Striker was getting on with King and it was all quite hilarious which added a good side to this outstanding competition, and quite a few of the kicks that Bryan delivered to Ziggler looked absolutely eye watering and I am very, very impressed with the way Ziggler carried on throughout this match  - his conditioning is amazing,
That flying knee I just can't get over - I must have watched it at least 10 times in slow motion.......
The crowd reactions to some of these amazing athletes's moves just made for an exciting start to Bragging Rights.
Both of these athletes, came up with moves that we haven't seen in WWE before or for a long time..... Dolph Ziggler, using his amateur wrestling background skills, showed off a few simple moves like firemen's carries that were very impressive indeed and quick as you like!!!
Bryan however, had the most of the going and flew across the ring a few times with great style and finesse. This one spot was interesting to say the least.... Bryan went to back suplex Ziggler off the top rope after cleverly evading a supeplex himself, but Ziggler turned it into a splash mid-air and both athletes fell to the mat from at least 12 or 13 foot in the air... Ziggler went for the cover, but Bryan then twisted his hips and turned into a cover of hids own for 2 3/4 count. This was typical of the whole contest, and we were also treated to lots of different submissions, close pinfall combinations, high impact kicks, excitement, jaw breaking shocks and high-speed action that never seem to end!
A great showing by both competitors, and I guarantee that the booking team and the writers of the McMahons will put these two in the ring together even though they are on different shows.
WE HAVE TO SEE THEM AT IT AGAIN!!!!! A definite contender for match of the year....

For wrestling's Last Hope this is N£O signing out - 25/10/2010

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  1. It was an entertaining match and I would probably rate it in the region of ***3/4. However I would have to say there have been at least 25 matches this year that have been better including a few in the WWE.