Sunday 16 May 2010

Vickie Guerrero vs. Guest Hosts for Raw By Shaun Nichols

Within the first thirty seconds it became very clear that the WWE need to use Vickie far more than they are doing presently. She has been wasted on Smackdown as the heel to Teddy Long's babyface, while adding her as a part of Flawless with Michelle & Layla at least meant she got a little bit more TV time. Now I understand that a lot of people either can't stand her or feel that she should be let go.
But seriously how much heat does this woman get? The answer is a ridiculous amount. The opening segment with Randy Orton finally getting round to hitting Meatloaf with the RKO and then Edge making his appearance on the ramp was dull. Randy really needs to accept that he is now a babyface and move on with it, it's so clear that he hates not being a heel but he's still in a main event position and if he finally lets himself go then the fans will respond to him.
Back to the opening of the show, and Edge revealed that WWE Global (is this something different by the way?) agreed with him and Vickie is the new permanent GM of Raw. So out she comes and things move forward, instead of having Edge and Orton going back and forth with the fans barely sure of who to cheer or to hate. Vickie is truly hated and because of this she saved the opening segment, it's not the X-Pac type of heat where people switch over. She's up there with Eric Bischoff in the old days where we have a polished and professional performer who easily gets over and fulfills what the WWE should see a necessary part of the show. The final angle of the show where she screams that she resigns due to her fear of Randy Orton signals that despite the opening segment claiming that she was the permanent GM that it was a one week deal. The question now for the WWE do they acknowledge that Vickie was outstanding and did far more to enhance the show than any guest hosts? Hopefully they will take notice and she will become a permanent addition to Raw, we will soon see.

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  1. Apparently, after seeing the heel heat she drew, WWE debated wether to actually let her become the full time GM of RAW. If this happens, then there is no reason really to have the guest hosts. Most of them are 'C' list anyway. Apprently WWE tried to compare their guest hosts with those that are on Saturday Night Live but the hosts on there are a step up from the lackluster ones WWE use.