Monday, 17 May 2010

AWW Birthday Bash (4/6/10)

AWW Birthday Bash
Friday 4th June 2010

The Asylum
38-43 Hampton Street
B19 3LS

Doors Open: 7pm
Tickets: £7

Join us as AWW celebrates it’s birthday in spectacular fashion with a blockbuster of a show that is set to blow the roof off The Asylum on Friday 4th June!! Titles will be decided, grudges will be resolved, and someone’s undefeated streak will come to an end! Read on to find out more…

AWW Championship Match
Tables, Ladders, & Chairs
Dan Ryder vs. MK Mikinan
It all boils down to this. The AWW Title has been declared vacant by AWW Commissioner Desirable Danny D, and finally at the Birthday Bash MK Mikinan and Dan Ryder will meet for one final time to find out who will be the AWW Champion. AWW Management have made the decision to make this a match worthy of headlining our Birthday Bash, and they haven’t disappointed. MK and Ryder meet in a Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match!

The history between these pair is long and storied, the former mentor and student having clashed on many occasions before, but this match dwarves all that have preceded it. Two men will enter, but only one can leave the Birthday Bash as the AWW Champion. The risks are high…but the stakes are even higher, who will win? Find out LIVE!! On Friday 4th June!!

AWW Tag Title Tournament Final
The Hunter Brothers vs. Carnatio
The Birthday Bash will also see us crown our first ever AWW Tag Team Champions! The road to the final has been long and treacherous, but finally the end is in sight. Regardless of the attempts of FightClubPro and Pretty n Punk to put a spanner in the works, Carnatio will face off against The Hunter Brothers, with the winners making AWW history!!

Both teams made an impressive showing during the tag title tournament, but have found themselves on the receiving end of some rough treatment in recent weeks, ending with a face off between the two teams at our last Asylum show. Both The Hunters and Carnatio have enjoyed phenomenal success thus far in AWW, but which team will be able to take the final step to become the first ever AWW Tag Team Champions?

“The Rockstar” Spud vs. T-Bone
It looks like T-Bone has finally had enough of being Spud’s whipping boy. Bone was cost his gauntlet match against Lucian L. Jones by The Rockstar’s interruption, and saw red at his employer. The Behemoth drilled Spud into the mat, leaving him to also be eliminated by Jones.

Spud has been on the warpath since that night, declaring T-Bone as “ungrateful” for all The Rockstar has done for him. AWW Management has therefore taken the decision that the only way this can be sorted out once and for all is for Spud and his former bodyguard to face off at The Asylum. Can The Rockstar overcome his behemoth former bodyguard, or will T-Bone triumph over his ex-boss?

“The Human Hate Machine” Dave Mastiff vs. “The Sultan of Swagga” Lucian L. Jones
Yet another match born from the fallout of the Gauntlet Match at our last Asylum show, “The King of Bling” Lucian L. Jones goes toe to toe with “The Human Hate Machine” Dave Mastiff! Mastiff picked the bones of Jones after his beating at the hands of T-Bone and Spud earlier in the gauntlet match, The Human Hate Machine showing no respect whatsoever in dispatching the weary Sultan of Swagga.

Just when it looked like Mastiff was about to win the gauntlet, securing himself a shot at the AWW Title in the process, Jones reappeared to distract Mastiff and allow Derice Coffie to pick up the victory. The Human Hate Machine was literally seething, promising to make Jones pay for his impudence and two will now face off at the Birthday Bash. Will The King of Bling be able to overcome possibly the biggest challenge of his career, or will Big, Bad, Dave Mastiff bring the very same career to a horrific end?

Streak vs. Streak
“The Sheriff” JK Royde vs. Nick Knight
After their impromptu clash at The Asylum, the undefeated “Master of the Five Minute Challenge” Nick Knight returns to AWW to face the still undefeated Sheriff JK Royde. Both men are taking lengthy undefeated streaks into this match, but only one will leave with it intact.

Nick Knight left a path of destruction in his wake during his last period in AWW, a path of destruction that no-one had managed to match until the arrival of JK Royde, what will happen when those paths cross? It’s a classic story of the irresistible force against the immovable object…something has to give, but who will lose not only the match, but their undefeated streak?

Find out the answers when AWW holds it’s birthday celebration on Friday 4th June at The Asylum

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