Sunday, 30 May 2010

UFC 114: Much Ado About Nothing

I got to see the much anticipated UFC fight between Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson and 'Sugar' Rashad Evans and I must say, I was very underwhelmed and it wasn't just because the result didn't go the way I hoped it was because it was just such a letdown of a main event. All the talk was about Rampage and was he fully committed due to the fact he had been promoting the A-Team movie. The hype shows garnered some more interest as the two came across as really not liking each other but for me, when it game to the fight it was just a letdown.

Early in the fight, Evans caught Jackson with a punch and rocked him, Rampage recovered from this but then the fight was pretty un-eventful. From the middle of the final round onwards, I thought Rampage was going to finish Evans but alas, the big man couldn't finish the job and Evans won a unanimous decision which was odd as I'd of give Rampage the final round.

In his post fight interview, Jackson he had trained hard but apologised for not being good enough and he wants a rematch, this is what I think should happen and if Evans can beat him a second time then full props to him.

The other fight I got to see from the card was the UK's own Michael Bisping against Dan Miller, I had not seen Miller fight before and all I think about when I see Bisping fight is the deverstating loss to Dan Henderson at UFC 100. Bisping won this fight via a decision which was right but Bisping wasn't over impressive.

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