Tuesday, 4 May 2010

TNA Crumble Under Pressure.

Within two months of TNA initiating the Monday Night Wars Part Deux it has all come to an abrupt end. Of course the decision could of been SPIKE's and not TNA's but still, the reason they have done this is because they just couldn't compete with WWE on a Monday night.

It's has been no secret, I have found the TNA product to be better that that of the WWE's in recent weeks but the ratings just havent reflected this. Many are going on about how stupid TNA's booking ideas are and this was more evident when they had Rob Van Dam win the TNA heavyweight title on IMPACT! with no build-up rather than on a PPV but what people need to realise is, SPIKE TV don't care about TNA's PPV buyrates, all they care about is the TV ratings hence giving away for free, Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy with the winner to wrestle for the world title on the same show.

SPIKE now have realised, no matter what they do, they are not going to take viewers off the WWE and with Monday Night Football on the horizon in the US, the ratings would of probably just got even worse.

I am annoyed really, would of been better to see this 'war' go on but alas, it hasn't I just hope that with the move back to Thursdays SPIKE don't lose all faith in TNA altogether.


  1. Good blog. IMO TNA should stop doing PPVs, they don't make any money from them. They should concentrate on Impact. They should also fire Russo and hire someone like Cornette or Heyman as booker. Even Scott D'Amore or Gabe Sapolsky would be an improvement.

  2. I have several thoughts on what I see above. TNA had to give RVD the title when they did. It was the eve of 4-20 (or 4:20). I also believe that they should go to Wednesday nights, not Thursday nights. Why? Several reasons. 1) In the US, Thursday is a big TV night, some of the hoghest rated shows are on Thursday nights. Wednesday has nothing. Also,Superstars rivals TNS's ratings, despite the fact we have 3-4 chances to see it. There is no way (AND THE ROCK MEANS NO WAY) that Jm Cornette will ever be a meaningful part of a mainstream wrestling promotion ever again. TNA should have stayed a "niche" company, meaning not trying to compete and bring in big stars.They should stick with what brought their fanbase to them. That's the X-Division, tag teams, and gimmick matches, for lack of a better term. Lastly, Stu, with all due respect, this was not a war. WWE destroyed them. I prefer WWE, but I acknowledge that their product is terrible also. Look at the ratings. The highest rating that TNA has ever got was 1.44. Not at any point during the real war did any show get that low. The lowest rating was a 1.8, and that was when WCW was basically dead