Tuesday 11 August 2015

NXT August 5th 2015 Recap By Jeromme Graham

 1. Charlotte vs. Bayley

Charlotte makes her way out to the ring to get this episode of NXT kicked off. Bayley is out next. The former rivals shake hands in a show of mutual respect. In a great spot, Bayley hit a frankensteiner on Charlotte in the corner, with the commentary team dubbing it a Bayleycanrana. Charlotte leveled Bayley with a neckbreaker and spear. Later in the match, Bayley flipped out of the corner and hit Charlotte with the Bayley-to-Belly for a near fall. She followed that up with a German suplex, but Charlotte still kicked out. Charlotte had Bayley in the corner, but Bayley managed to plant Charlotte with a middle rope Bayley-to-Belly to pick up the win. After the match, Bayley hugged a young girl and presented her with her headband. The Full Sail crowd totally ate this match up. With Charlotte, Becky and Sasha working on the main roster, Bayley seems poised to be the centerpiece of the NXT Women's division.

We then get thrown to a video of an in-ring sit down interview between Kevin Owens and Michael Cole. Cole recapped what went down during the Balor and Owens contract signing and questioned the sincerity of Owens' apology. Owens went on to run down Regal and explained that he felt Regal might even try to get a crooked referee involved in his match, so he said that wants Balor in a ladder match at Takeover Brooklyn. Cole asked Owens if he felt that he could beat Balor, which led to Owens getting up and walking out of the ring.

From there, we go to Bull Dempsey backstage looking dejected while watching last week's Bull-Fit segment. We then see Bull training in the gym with some of the newer developmental hires.

2. Baron Corbin vs. Steve Cutler

Baron Corbin makes his way out the ring for the second match of the night. His opponent is Steve Cutler. Steve manages to get a punch in before being quickly demolished with the End of Days. Cutler is someone that's appeared on the show a few times, mainly just to put other talent over. It would be great to see Cutler get more screen time.

Bayley enters William Regal's office, where he congratulates her on her win against Charlotte. She asks if she could have an NXT Women's Championship match. Regal says that next week Bayley will take on Becky Lynch in a #1 Contender's Match. The winner gets a title match against Sasha Banks at Takeover Brooklyn. He then states that Bayley is his niece's favourite.

3. Tyler Breeze vs. Aaron Solow

Tyler Breeze struts down to the ring. His opponent for the night is independent talent Aaron Solow, who also happens to be Bayley's significant other. Breeze made quick work of Solow, finishing him off with the Beauty Shot in under a minute.

After the match, Regal makes his way out on the ramp. He announces that Jushin "Thunder' Liger" will be facing Breeze at Takeover Brooklyn. We then get an awesome Liger video package.
We get an Uhaa Nation video. Though the major difference this week is that he announces his new NXT name is Apollo Crews and he'll be Takeover Brooklyn.

Following that, we go to sit down interview Byron Saxton conducted with Finn Balor. Balor discussed the team atmosphere in NXT and that everyone down there is working towards a common goal. When pressed for his thoughts on Owens, Balor mentions that he shows no class or respect. Balor says that Sami Zayn has been helping him prepare for his match and told him not to underestimate Owens. Saxton asked if the Demon will appear in Brooklyn, Balor teases that Owens will find out that night.

4. Dawson & Wilder vs. The Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder)

What initially seemed to be a thrown together one-off pairing of Rawley & Ryder is really clicking with the Full Sail crowd as they were firmly behind the energetic duo. Dawson & Wilder controlled a lot of the match, but Rawley turned the tide when he received the hot tag and hit a sweet fireman's carry into a flapjack. The Hype Bros picked up the win with their Hype Ryder finisher. As Rawley & Ryder were celebrating, Dawson & Wilder attacked them. They tossed Rawley out of the ring and leveled Ryder with the Shatter Machine.

The Vaudevillains are in Regal's office. English and Gotch were upset about the slaps they received from Alexa Bliss last week. Regal announced that they would have a rematch against Blake and Murphy for the NXT Tag Team Championships at Takeover Brooklyn. He suggested that they find a way to deal with Alexa Bliss.

We get more Bull-Fit with Dempsey. With the encouragement of the other developmental talents, Dempsey managed to flip a big tire. He struck a victory pose to close out the segment.

5. Samoa Joe vs. Rhyno

The main event featured a showdown between two of the veterans of the NXT roster, Samoa Joe and Rhyno. Later in the match, both guys traded blows before Joe hit an amazing kick off the second rope. Samoa Joe went for the Coquina Clutch, Rhyno hit Joe with a belly-to-belly suplex. The Manbeast went for the Gorge, but Joe got a knee up. Joe went for the Coquina Clutch yet again, but Rhyno sent him crashing down with a big clothesline. Rhyno went for the Rhyno Driver, but Joe was able to evade it. The finish came when Joe hit Rhyno with an enzuigiri and the crushed him with the Muscle Buster. This wasn't a blow away match, but it was pretty solid. Hopefully this win over Rhyno will be a jumping off point to bigger things for Samoa Joe in NXT.

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