Saturday, 18 January 2014

Wrestling Gems By Keith Bennett @HugaKitty

The matches I am about to recommend are not all five star classics but I do feel that they are worth your time and attention as a wrestling fan no spoilers

CHIKARA - Jonny Saint/Skyde Rivera/Mike Quackenbush vs Claudio Castognoli/Bryan Danielson/Dave Taylor (3/28/09)

This match is one of counter hold after counter hold with Jonny Saint on fine form and Skyde doing some nice lucha spots. Castognoli, Danielson and Taylor work well together and Quackenbush is like a kid at Christmas teaming up with two of his idols and the crowd are loving every minute of it.

IWA MID-SOUTH - Trik Davis vs Chris Hero "Necro/Joe II"

While all the attention was on the Necro Butcher Samoa Joe rematch this match stole the show this is an exciting match with a lot of great wrestling and some nice highspots from Trik although Hero leads the match Davis deserves more exposure on the indy scene

Pro Wrestling Noah - Kenta KOBASHI vs. Naomichi MARUFUJI Spring Navigation 2006

This match is a great example of why japanese wrestling is the best in the world Kobashi is a living legend and Marufuji proves yet again that he is one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet treat yourself and watch this match

Ring of Honor - Michael Elgin vs. ACH Dragon's Reign 2013

Not only was this the best match on the card but it was one of the greatest matches of 2013 this match is a clash of styles and that is what makes it great Elgin is a power house and it shows here ACH is criminally underrated and puts his heart into the bout this match is so good that everything else on the card just fails to live up to it

AJPW - Bruiser Brody & Jimmy Snuka vs. Dory & Terry Funk Real World Tag League (12/13/81)

With the return of Stan Hansen from NJPW in the corner of Brody and Snuka this match automatically has the audience in a state of frenzy with all four men on top form and crazy crowd heat this is truly one for the ages great strong style action and great ring psychology make this one of the greatest tag team matches of all time

NJPW - Yuji Nagata -vs- Koji Kanemoto G1 Climax Block B (08-12-06)

With Kanemoto making the transition from junior heavyweight to heavyweight this bout is one of interest and excitement with great strong style moves from Nagata and excellent mat work form both wrestlers this is one match that is worth your time, and this match is below.

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