Friday 3 January 2014

Se7en: A Week in Wrestropect By Oliver JK Smith

In the un exampled, ever changing world of professional wrestling, only one thing is certain... A lot can happen in seven days. Join me as I gaze back: reflecting, reminiscing and re lapsing through the best and worst the last week has had to offer.

Weird > Beard

The biggest story coming out Monday night saw Daniel Bryan succumbing to Bray Wyatt and his demented family. It's hard to believe that two months have passed since the goat faced wonder was challenging for the then WWE championship. In this time Bryan has been kept busy whilst remaining relevant, proving that carrying the gold is not the be all and end all some internet fans would have us believe.

Do Bryan's actions equal heel turn? No. For the Wyatt's have never been heels themselves. Last week WWE owner Vince McMahon proclaimed there was no longer a need for heels or faces within the WWE universe, only shades of grey. The Wyatt's have been cheered ever since their arrival on the scene, this cannot be expected to change following the addition of WWE's most revered competitor. I expect a galvanized Bryan to unleash on 'The Authority' over the coming months, perhaps resulting in the ultimate pay off match against HHH at this years Wrestlemania.

The Beast Is Back!...Again

With more exits than the M25, Brock Lesnar made his fateful return during this weeks edition of Monday night Raw. In similar fashion to The Rock eighteen months ago, Brock's part time pillbox has been cast into the WWE World heavyweight title picture once again. Perhaps I should have a problem with in frequent stars taking ownership at the top, but I don't. Brock is best for business, pairing him with Mark Henry quite literally beefs up future programming and has me salivating down the road to wrestle mania. Maybe it's the New Year's optimism taking hold of me but with Batista's return immanent, the booking possibilities have me believing that not even Vince McMahon could ruin 2014.

Angle's being 'Kurt'eous

I am not a TNA fan, I am however a wrestling fan; Which Is why it pains me to see Kurt Angle's career getting swallowed into the Dixie Carter vortex of crap. I'm not blaming Dixie, she doesn't know any better, Kurt on the other hand should know where he must hang his boots when the time comes. In an interview with Boston based WEEI radio this week, the Olympic gold medalist let slip that his current TNA contract expires in 8 months time. When pressed on where his future may lie, Angle was unable to rule out a return to the WWE.

Just as McMahon picked up the rehab bill following Angle's recent off screen issues, WWE have the means to exorcise Kurt's on screen demons.

And finally...

We learnt this week that the upcoming WWE network WILL include footage of Chris Benoit, albeit with a disclaimer. What ever you think of Chris as a human being, the right decision has been made here. WWE are giving fans a choice; It is acceptable to enjoy Benoit's in-ring talents, whilst those who who oppose can simply choose not to watch.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts, here's to the next seven days and indeed the next fifty two weeks!

Happy New Year

Oliver JK Smith

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