Friday 5 August 2011

PAC on the Verge of Making Dragon Gate History

For all of you fans that have a soft spot for statistics, PAC is one defence away from becoming the most successful champion in Dragon Gate history. PAC has made 8 defences of the Open the Brave Gate title since winning a tournament to become the 20th champion of that title. Since then he's gone from strength to strength which includes winning the DGUSA tag titles with Masato Yoshino and a short tag title run with Dragon Kid back in Japan.
Although Dragon Gate have four major titles, two of which are singles titles (Dream Gate & Brave Gate), tag titles and finally Triangle tile it's very rare for any champion to have more than 5 successful defences. In fact until PAC defeated Ricochet for his latest defence, Naruki Doi was out on his own as the champion who made the most title defences in any one title reign. PAC is currently on a break from Japan and Dragon Gate are doing a storyline that Naoki Tanizaki as stolen the belt and is now claiming to be the Blood Warriors Authorized Champion. Hopefully when PAC returns he wil become the first champion in DG history to have more than 8 successful title defences.

Shaun Nichols

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