Monday 16 March 2015

A Note On Booking By Adam Timmins

So I came across the final card for this year’s Wrestlemania this morning, and my reaction was “wow, this is pretty bad.”For a Wrestlemania anyway. But the one thing that really stood out was the placement of Brian Danielson in the IC Title Ladder Match. Here’s a guy who’s over like crazy; probably the most over guy in the company…and he’s lost in the shuffle.

Now this got me thinking about booking in general. In any other promotion, wrestlers are told “it’s your job to get yourself over.” It is your goal as a wrestler; it’s how you know you’re doing your job correctly. If you’re over, then you’ve earned your shot at titles, main events, decent payoffs etc.

Unless of course you’re in the WWE. You have to wonder what’s going through Danielson’s mind at the moment. If he’s making decent coin, and obviously he has his beautiful wife, maybe he’s not too fussed about. But there must be part of him, somewhere, that’s saying “this isn’t right.”

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