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Southside Retribution IV (17/8/13) Review By Tom Linberry

Banner designed by Simon Humphreys, pictures owned and supplied By Brett Hadley with thanks to Southside Wrestling Entertainment.

After an excellent show the night before in Nottingham, the Southside crew move on to Huntingdon for another great card.

1. SWE Tag Team Champions The Predators v The London Riots

In the opening match of the night the number 1 contenders (who won the right to be No.1 contenders at the Big Bump Theory back in July) the London Riots took on the champions the Predators.

From the off set the Riots took advantage of there size and used it to gain the early upper hand, hitting big move after move to keep control. But after some back and forth. Predators managed to regain control of the match, and cut off the ring so it was hard for the Riots to tag in and out.

Just as the Riots were making a comeback thought, 2 masked men made an appaearance and distracted The Riots just long enough, for the Predators to pick up the win and mark 1 year as Southside Tag Team champions ***

(Below: Joseph Conners of The Predators with a flying shoulder block on Rob Lynch of The London Riots)

2. Robbie X v Zack Sabre Jr

This match was supposed to be Noam Dar v Zack Sabre, but due to Dar's continuing injury, Robbie X was into Dar's place and this match did not disappoint.

During the opening minutes of the match, neither man could get the advantage, with various holds being exchanged, and counter holds, it really did set the pace for the rest of the match. Zack took the early advantage, and triedto lock in the fatal armbar early, Robbie managed to scramble to the ropes both times. So Zack continued the onslaught with some well placed kicks to Robbies chest.

But just as Zack was wearing down Robbie, he came roaring back with some high paced offense, which left Sabre down, and in trouble. X went for a few quick pins but could not gain the victory.

Zack managed to gain the advantage again, trying to hit a German suplex and a full nelson suplex, but Robbie kept fighting him off. But as the match progressed, it didnt seem either man would give an inch with both men exchanging kicks and superkicks.But it was Zack Sabre Jnr who came out on top. And quite rightly deserved at the end the crowd gave a standing ovation. It was a true classic, and one of the best matches ive seen on my travels this year ****

(Below right: Zack Sabre Jr with his trademark armbar on Robbie X)

3. Number 1 Contenders match for the SWE tag team titles The Bhangra Knights v The Hunter Brothers.

This match saw 2 teams who have both had a crack at the Tag titles, square off to see who deserved an opportunity at a rematch.
It started off with some back and forth action, between both teams not willing to budge. But it was the Knights who took early advantage, and seemed eager to get there rematch.

But The Hunters managed to regain the upper hand and regain control, with there quick style hitting some great tag team moves. Including scoring one near fall, on the knights.

The Knights regained the upper hand, but it wasnt long before, the 2 masked men remerged from the back and beat down both teams. And the match was declared a no contest. After the masked men made there way to the top of the stage, they revealed themselves to be House of Pain members Stixx and Alex Gracie. Then Joseph Connors came out and cut a short promo saying that they will be keeping the belts forever. Star Rating **

(Above: The Bhangra Knights prepare to hit a double team move on Jim Hunter)

4. Speed King Champion Jay Lethal v 'Ego Dragon' Martin Kirby

This match on paper looked great, and i must say it lived upto the hype. Both men, started very cagey and Lethal took the upper hand on Kirby.

Lethal used his experience to keep on top of his oppenent for several minutes. But Kirby managed to get in control for the first time, by hitting Lethal with some hard offense. Kirby was determined to beat Lethal, and got several near falls on Jay.

Kirby continued the onslaught with some vicious kicks to Lethal's head, but the crowd got behind the Speed King champ and he managed to pick up the pace and regain control of the match, including getting a near fall that looked 3 from the onlookers eyes. But after a flurry of offense, Kirby regained control and beat Jay Lethal to become new Speed King champ. Afterwards on the mic, Kirby said "the belt means nothing to me until I have beat Ligero inside the steel cage at the 3rd anniversary show" and threw the belt on the floor. A really good match and that led us to intermission ****

(Right: Lethal prepares to hit Kirby with the big elbow)

5. Southside Heavyweight Championship Stixx v MK McKinnan

This match was made at Menace to Society the night before, when MK won a number one contendership match, to face off against the champ Stixx.

The match started of with Stixx bragging how this was gonna be easy work and be done in 5 minutes. MK used this as fuel, and went after Stixx in the opening Minutes of the match. But the Southside champ was having none of it and took control pretty early on, throwing MK around like he was toy.

After a few more minutes of action, Stixx was still in control bragging how it was nearly over to the crowd. But MK came roaring back, with some quick offense which stunned the champ, which got MK a nearfall on the champ. The crowd were solidly behind McKinnan, and one point the ref got his hand so close to 3 the crowd thought MK had won the match, but Stixx managed to kick out by the skin of his teeth.

MK continued to fight hitting 2 kicks to Stixx's head, but still only getting a nearfall. But alas, it was Stixx who picked up the victory, and thus retaining his belt. MK came so close, a really good match, and hopefully not the last time we will see these 2 wrestle. ***

(Below: McKinnan catches STIXX as he tries to cheap shot him with the belt)

6. Loco Imbecil v Alex Gracie

This was a fun little match, which started off with Loco making his way to ringside chucking Jaffa Cakes into the crowd.

Opening few minutes, Gracie didn't quite know what to make of Loco and Loco managed to get a few moves in. But Alex was having none of it, and took control of the match pretty quickly. And it wasnt long before the 'Noisy Boy' Alex Gracie picked up the victory. Short and sweet, fun match **

7. No Disqualification Match: Mark "Hotdog" Haskins v Sabu v Kris Travis v Marty Scurll.

This was our main event of the evening, and I must say was a really good match to round up a great night of action.

Opening exchanges Scurll & Travis were working together to beat down on Haskins and Sabu, but the partnership didn't last long, as they then turned on each other and it broke down into a proper 4 way.

Sabu and Travis paired off a brawled around the ring and towards the merch tables while Haskins and Marty faced off in the ring. Keeping track of the action was hard, but Haskins and Scurll were exchanging some excellent moves in the ring, while Sabu was beating down Travis including hitting a moonsault to the outside on a standing, all be it not for long Travis.

(Below: Sabu has Kris Travis in a painful looking camel clutch)

It all came to a head in the ring, and when all 4 men were brawling Sabu was thrown to the outside, by the tandem of Travis and Scurll. But that still left 3 in the ring, and after eliminating Travis from the equation, Mr Money in The Bank Mark Haskins picked up the victory ***

After the match Haskins and Sabu shook hands and the crowd went home happy.

Another great outing for Southside here. Some stella matches, and some matches that progressed stories leading into the next batch of shows. If you can try and pick up the DVD you will not be dissappointed, this was Brit wrestling at its best. Great show, and if Southside comes near you check them out.

Thanks to Stu of The Indy Corner for giving me an outlet to do this.

Thanks for Reading :) and see you at the shows.

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