Wednesday, 14 August 2013

ATTACK Pro Wrestling 'We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat' (11/8/13) Review By Derrie Catton

ATTACK! Pro Wrestling created a lot of buzz earlier this year when their style was showcased in the above video. The display remains a superb mix of fun-themed humour and awe-inspiring moments, which brought tears to the eyes of those not within travelling distance of Cardiff where the promotion is based. APW answers this complaint, by literally setting stage in the middle of the UK with their visit to the Midlands. So on August 11th crowd flocked to Dudley to see if the event could live up to the hype videos.

Themes are taken seriously at APW, exampled by an announcer donning a Hawaiian shirt and a lei as he enters through a blown up image of a shark's open jaws to welcome the attendance to their world. Wrestlers followed up on the antics, from summer songs as entrance themes, to beach appropriate attires, along with Jay Lethal being dubbed a boat enthusiast and what can be best described as a 'Anything From The Beach Goes' match. These quirky touches make for a fun show, and plenty of laughs come in tow. From their trailer packages, APW are expected to deliver surreal moments of unpredictable hilarity, and when surprise star Clint Margera is eaten by a shark only to return wearing the remains of his foe a match later, it can only be said that they delivered.

Thanks to the W in APW a certain amount of wrestling ability is to be expected too, and on many accounts that mark was hit. Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews impressed a crowd which was not expecting to see the likes of an attempted 630 splash in a match that quickly turned from comedy to great action. It was the Wild Boar and Tyler Bate who hit a home run however, as it pitched a quality presence against a guy so local he went to the very school hosting the event. Wild Boar is fantastic on the offence, convincing with every strike and move he uses, but Bate is full of ability and gradually got the crowd behind him and to their loudest point of the show as everyone rallied up for his array of moves including the execution of a 450 splash.

At sixteen, Tyler is an incredibly promising talent and an example of the roster APW puts together. The already mentioned Jay Lethal was a guest addition, who reeled of all his signatures manoeuvres for the fan's appreciation in a match against the very capable 'Dynamite' Pete Dunne. Clint Margera's surprise appearance was also a treat as he transferred his skills from deathmatch specialist to comedy antics, and on that humour front came a team that stole the show, not least thanks to Damien Dunne's partner Ryan Smile spouting comedy gold at every given opportunity. Chris Brookes also put in a good showing in an opener that did well for setting the shows tone, rounding out a robust roster featuring star highlights and flexible talents.

There are many unremarkable promotions around today that become clouded in the mist of similarity. ATTACK! Pro Wrestling is something different for the UK wrestling scene, not only stand out but at the top of their game and more giving than a handful of examples in this article can convey. They provide a great showing of comedy, often topped off with superb wrestling content and it's serve you well to attend their event if you like your wrestling fun.

Below is a DVD trailer of their previous show 'Press Start'


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