Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wrestling Needs Promos By Craig Hermit

 More than anyone else in that ECW dressing room, Tommy Dreamer, maybe more than anybody else in the wrestling industry, you are willing to pay the price, to sweat, to bleed, to suffer. You're willing to bear that cross, and I say Tommy, don't do it! Because, you see, in order to sacrifice and bear that cross for them, it means I've got to suffer too, and I'm telling you from the voice of experience, that they're not worth it, Tommy. They're not worth it!" - Mick Foley interview during ECW show.

Reading that, how did you feel? Compassion?, Anger? Sympathy? Did it engage you into what he was feeling? If he did then the promo hit the right spot, you see prowrestling.wika says, "In wrestling, a promo is short for "Promotional Interview", a dialogue or monologue used to advance a storyline. The act of delivering such an interview is known in business and by the fans as cutting a promo."
As much as Wrestling fans love the matches and the in-ring action, they love the promos. These promos could happen anywhere: inside the ring, the arena, outside or on social media. Some could be planned, ad libbed, unscheduled or someone cutting one unscripted.

Wrestling fans love promos for many reasons: as mentioned it furthers a storyline, it could be funny, it could more serious or controversial. It's an aspect to the wrestling industry that goes hand in hand with action itself.

Throughout the years fans have seen some of the best witnessed some of the best promos in wrestling history.

CM Punk consistently gave fantastic promos in WWE, no more so than his "Pipebomb" in the run up to his match with John Cena at Money In The Bank 2011

Paul Heyman, the master of the microphone (in this writers opinion) has left fans fuming, laughing but more so in awe. He always achieved what was neccessary on the mic to build-up any angle his client is involved in, and on April 7th 2014 the night after Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, he left every fan in shock.

And there have been amazing promo men and women out there: The Rock, Steve Austin, Ric Flair and Kurt Angle to name only a few but who in the UK do we see could provide or have already given amazing promos to entertain the fans?

Chris Renfrew, one of the very best talkers in the business gave this hardhitting promo on Lionheart in the build up to there match at Insane Championship Wrestling this year, this one had social media buzzing.

Kay Lee Ray, an amazing wrestler who for every wrestling fan who says women can't wrestle, SHOULD see exactly what she can do in the ring, this example is from Fierce Females, in the middle of her match with Nikki Storm, she takes the microphone, alligns herself with two other great promo women in the industry, Carmel Jacob and Siren Sara left everyone dazzled.

Joe Hendry who is known as one of the best talents in the UK today, cut this amusing promo to build up his arrival in Paid Promotions, this left Morecambe fans angry but fans watching across the UK couldn't help but chuckle.

These are only three I've chosen and again there are many, many, many other promos that have made fans in the UK stand back and go "damn that's amazing" but again there are also amazing individuals in the UK that great promo individuals and there are too many to mention on this article alone.
So, what is the point I'm making? Without the talking, the promos and the bits inbetween the wrestling in the ring, fans wouldn't have just as much to talk about and may not be as interested in a match as they could be without the drama alongside it after all the promos help the fans know why a feud is happening.

With UK Wrestling constistantly in the last few years gaining more support from fans and more recognition from the media, this writer would love to see more promos either at the events or behind the scenes on youtube so fans across the world could get as emotionally interested in the matches as I do witnessing them. Now to clarify, I'm not saying a WWE RAW near twenty minute promo at the start of the show because let's face it, thats not realistic, but a stage inbetween or something to strike the balance would be good.

However, one thing that can be said, with the amazing amount of Wrestling Academies throughout the UK focusing on in-ring action and promos, the fans will never bored at a wrestling event now and won't be bored at a wrestling event in the future.

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