Thursday 29 January 2015

Roman Reigns: Ready For The Number One Spot?

I'm listening to a certain wrestling related podcast and the hosts are banging on about how Roman Reigns, in their opinion, is not ready for the top spot in the company stemming from his winning of the Royal Rumble recently.

Now, I understand the longtime fans say more negative than positive stuff about the current product but when you have the likes of Vince McMahon & Paul 'Triple H' Leveque at the helm with their pedigree, excuse the pun, you'd think choosing Reigns must be the correct choice, wouldn't you?

These hosts are saying he's not ready, one PPV match as a singles wrestler, not the best on the mic but a way they think around it could be if Reigns was to turn and align himself with Paul Heyman which in turn sends current WWE champion and as of now, Reigns' opponent at Wrestle Mania, Brock Lesnar, the other way as "the fans really want to get behind him".

Going back to the Royal Rumble, the fans booed the fact Reigns won the 30 man over the top rope battle royal, this lead to a trending hashtag on twitter for people to cancel their WWE Network subscriptions, not quite sure how many actually did but those fans have to ask themselves, who else should of won the match? Daniel Bryan has just come back from a serious injury and I'll be honest, I personally can't buy him as a credible opponent for Lesnar at Mania, yes, the plucky underdog fighting from the bottom up bit nothing else.

These are my views from the outside looking in, I'm sure there are more 'hardcore' WWE fans than me reading this so I welcome your views on what I have written and what you think about the whole situation concerning Reigns and his spot.

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